Gin Kumo’s "RX" Manga Kickstarter Request

A couple of weeks ago (or so), Gin Kumo asked me to give his Kickstarter manga graphic novel project a plug.  Not that I want to make this kind of request a habit or the like (’cause I don’t and won’t), but I can appreciate the efforts of someone wanting to make their dream come true.

So, in the light of that spirit, I’ll grant Gin’s request and donate a promotional plug for his project. Beyond that, I cannot attest to how good this is or anything else. I do say that the cover for his graphic novel looks interesting.

If you want to see more of Gin’s art, he has a DiviantArt page. His publisher, I’m a Geek Entertainment, has a promo for the first eight pages (low res).  Gin can be found on Twitter for those with any questions regarding his series.

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