Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W – 08

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W episode 08 review
這いよれ!ニャル子さん W

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Shanta-kun is mii-ing away at Mahiro and Hastur, neither of whom can understand the critter and Nyarlko is not around to translate. Shanta-kun sees Cthuko, who also can’t understand her, so Cthuko produces an eye glass device that allows her to see what Shanta-kun is saying. Shanta-kun wants to be useful to Mahiro, so Cthuko provides candy that will allow the critter to change into a more useful form. Taking a blue candy, Shanta-kun turns into a young, humanoid female that still speaks in “mii” sounds. With that, she goes to Mahiro’s room and launches herself at him. He’s startled, but soon realizes this must be Shanta-kun as Nyarlko walks in on them in an apparent compromising position.

After some initial reluctance, Nyarlko finally accepts that Shanta-kun is now a humanoid female, but she’s angry with Cthuko for causing this and attempts to punish her, though it has the opposite affect. Cthuko reveals that Shanta-kun wants to help, so Shanta-kun grabs the Cyclone vacuum to clean, only to discover that Mahiro has the place spotless. She tries a meal, but it is just raw carrots. Since Mahiro doesn’t need help going to the bathroom, she offers to return a video for Mahiro. However, since it is dangerous for her, Mahiro tells Shanta-kun he’ll do it, which depresses her.

After Mahiro leaves, his cell phone rings on the charger, so Shanta-kun races to hear it. Yoichi leaves an urgent message, so Shanta-kun looks out on the balcony for Mahiro, but can’t see him, so she decides to find him and give it to him. Since Nyarlko and Cthuko are deeply emerged in a game, they don’t notice her leave. She enters the town and goes to the video shop where she misses Mahiro but ends up in the porno movie section. Back home, when Hastur remarks on Shanta-kun being missing along with Mahiro, Nyarlko calls Mahiro’s cell phone and is floored to hear Shanta-kun stating that she’s in a room full of naked girls.

Nyarlko and Cthuko race into town and quickly find Shanta-kun, but she doesn’t want to return to the power ball like Nyarlko insists and flees. Cthuko and Nyarlko give chase, but get distracted when they see the last copy of a limited edition manga for sale, causing them to fight over it. Meanwhile, Mahiro uses a payphone to call home where he learns that Shanta-kun has his phone. Shanta-kun is lost and cries because of this, but is excited when Mahiro calls the phone. She lets out a loud yell, and it turns out that she’s very close to Mahiro’s location, so he comes to join her, praising her for making the delivery.

After consulting with Yoichi over his call, Mahiro invites Shanta-kun to spend the rest of the afternoon with him, which pleases her greatly. The two play games, see a show, have beverages, and have a good time. Shanta-kun is worn out and being carried by Mahiro as they head home. She returns to her shantak form. They are joined by Cthuko and Nyarlko, who has a shopping bag, and the group goes home. There, Mahiro puts Shanta-kun in her basket where she peacefully sleeps. Mahiro returns to his room that night, where he finds Nyarlko waiting on the bed and bowing as a submissive wife. She makes her moves on him, but says she’ll quit since he’s not ready. However, she wants a kiss and won’t take no for an answer, causing Mahiro to produce the fork stab her.


WOO!HOO!  Lots of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki love going on here. ^_^

While this episode certainly had its normal amount of parody references, for the most part, this episode was a parody of Ryo-ohki from Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki, with Shanta-kun taking on that role. Ryo-ohki is a cabbit and Shanta-kun is a shantak. Both acquire young, female, humanoid forms but still speak in their animal tongue. Both love carrots. Ryo-ohki loves Tenchi and Shanta-kun loves Mahiro-sama. Both wanted attention from said individuals and eventually get it. Ryo-ohki gets lost in the woods in OVA 3 episode 1 much like Shanta-kun getting lost in the city here.

So, as you might imagine from such a nutty, Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki fan, I loved this.

I think there were other nods to TM!R as well. While the intro mentioned the girl with menacing eyes, this could be a reference to Ryoko as well as to Cthuko. Also, when Nyarlko was punishing Cthuko, Cthuko got off on it, much like Ryoko did in OVA 1 episode 2 when Aeka was torturing her.

The other Tenchi connection, which happened earlier in the series as well, is WAKAMOTO Norio, the voice of Kagato, doing the voice of the Cyclone vacuum. Awesome! ^_^

I’m not sure if other anime series have done this, but Shanta-kun’s desperate search for Mahiro in town for something she thought was important, but in reality could wait, reminded me of Hand Maid May. There, Kasumi dropped off an “important” bundle for Kazuya, so the 6 inch cyberdoll goes out to find her master to make this “important” delivery despite the dangers of the city because she wants to be useful to Kazuya.

Regardless, this was rather a sweet episode. Shanta-kun in human girl form is too cute for words.  So one couldn’t help but feel for her as she was so desperate to do something for Mahiro. I hope that we can see Shanta-kun again in the future in humanoid form.

As to the romantic angle between Nyarlko and Mahiro, he was forced to bring out the fork again. Granted, they aren’t going to have her tone it down much, but I did like how she sorta accepted Mahiro’s reluctance, but then she had to insist on the kiss. Oh well.

In the end, I really loved this episode due to the TM!R nods as well as the sweetness, fun, and whacky humor.

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  1. omo says:

    P. sure the menacing eye references to Ryoko from Ookami-san.

  2. […] seeing the parody stuff I could recognize, such as when Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki got some love in episode 8.  I know there were some Gundam references made as well, which reminds me, I need to watch […]

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