Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W – 10

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san W episode 10 review
這いよれ!ニャル子さん W

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Nyarlko is sick with a 194ºF fever, so she’s ordered to rest by Mahiro and left in the care of his mother and Shanta-kun. At school, Tamao chastises Mahiro for leaving his girlfriend to suffer. After school, she and Yoichi send Mahiro home since he’s clearly worried about Nyarlko. Mahiro finds her playing a video game and not getting better as a result of not resting. After getting her to lie down, she and Cthuko get a call from their boss, informing them of an invasion at the North Pole. Mahiro refuses to allow Nyarlko to participate, so Hastur is dispatched instead and paperwork sent in to make it official. Mahiro tags along, where at the North Pole, they discover a base has been established.

After finding out what these aliens intend to do to Earth, Mahiro has Hastur and Cthuko take out the Mi-go. The boss Mi-go captures Shanta-kun, Hastur, and Cthuko. Nyarlko teleports from a crystal in Mahiro’s chest and frees Hastur and Cthuko, but forgets Shanta-kun. The Mi-go boss tries to take advantage of this, but Nyarlko goes on the attack until her illness gets the better of her. The threat removed, the Mi-go continue their resource stripping plan, but when Nyarlko’s phone goes off, the song on the ring tone causes the Mi-go pain and death. Cthuko hooks the phone to a transmission device, and the group wins. Mahiro carries Nyarlko back home to put her back to bed. The following day, she is well, but tries to be sick in order for Mahiro to continue being nice to her.


Somehow, as I get past my own illness, it seems appropriate that this episode would center around Nyarlko being sick and the obvious reference to War of the Worlds. ^_^

There were several references to Mars Attacks in this episode, starting with the episode title, then using the silhouette of the aliens from that movie, and of course, having music be the thing that destroyed the aliens.

Naturally, when it comes to music, aliens, and anime, there had to be references to Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, and sure enough, there were. Deculture indeed. ^_^

I’m still amused by how Cthuko is now jealous of Nyarlko when she thinks Mahiro might be favoring her too much. It is just so funny to me seeing how she’s gone from being fuming angry at Mahiro for getting between her and Nyarlko to wanting equal attention from Mahiro as Nyarlko.

And since we are talking romance, I’m always happy for Nyarlko whenever Mahiro is kind to her and shows he cares. Somehow, I feel pathetic for saying that. ^_^;

On the other hand, I feel sorry for Tamao, who has unrequited feelings for Mahiro, thus she stays on the side, doing what she can to route for Mahiro and Nyarlko.

One thing I’ve noticed is the fun the production team is apparently having with foreshadowing elements by having the characters attempt to solve the issue by recalling what elements were discussed as potential foreshadowing. This episode took the cake on this as the obvious choice (Earth viruses killing aliens) ended up being a red herring.

Ah well.  It is all in good fun, and this episode was a lot of fun for a sick person to watch.

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