Genshiken Nidaime – 03 Review (Hato is a MAN, baby!)

げんしけん 二代目
Genshiken Nidaime Episode 03 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Madarame comes home to discover his apartment has been cleaned by Hato. Some day later, Madarame is at the Genshiken club room playing a PSP game and thinking of how things have changed as well as thinking about Saki when Keiko comes in, having stopped by to meet the new girl members. She gives Madarame her card as she’s working at a hostess club, though Madarame doesn’t go to those places. Keiko remarks on how boring it is now that Saki and Kousaka never stop by. She wonders why Madarame keeps coming by when Saki is no longer here. Madarame is floored, then protests. This angers Keiko, who points out that everyone, even Saki, likely knew Madarame had feelings for Saki.

They are interrupted when Sue enters. Keiko has had enough and leaves, scolding the otaku Madarame and telling him to ask a girl out sometime. Sue says there’s a way to get over an old love, and that’s to find a new love. She produces a ton of BL material, but Madarame isn’t interested. Rika and Yajima stop by before their trip to Ikebukuro, so Madarame flees the scene. That night, he comes home to find Hato there in female garb, reading a BL doujinshi. Hato frantically tries to explain, but Madarame isn’t concerned by it all and offers Hato a beer. Hato, having purchased a ton of material at Ikebukuro, is rather eager to get home and look at it all, something Madarame understands.

Some day later, Ogiue, Sue, Yabusaki, and Naoko are having lunch in the cafeteria when Yabusaki expresses herself over Ogiue’s becoming a professional manga-ka and using assistants. Yabusaki is also concerned about Ogiue’s having time to do her part for ComiFest, though Ogiue assures Yabusaki that when summer comes, she’ll have plenty of time to do the work. Meanwhile, Hato heads to Madarame’s apartment in normal clothing while his Hato-chan persona hovers nude overhead. Under Hato-chan’s watchful gaze and comments, Hato cleans Madarame’s apartment before falling asleep on Madarame’s bed. Thus when Madarame comes home, he discovers Hato sleeping and wakes him. Hato panics, but Madarame is cool with it and invites him to stay.

Madarame makes a pasta dish, which Hato finds surprisingly good. Hato ponders this and the fact that Madarame is being nice and letting him use the apartment, leading Hato to wonder if Madarame has sexual plans for him. He realizes he’s been reading too much BL when Madarame reveals he wanted to get to know the only new male member of Genshiken.They chat a bit more before Hato cleans the dishes. Madarame falls asleep on his bed, so Hato covers him up, feeling Madarame is too defenseless. Hato-chan gets all excited by this, but Hato dismisses it since he’s not gay, as he told Madarame earlier. Just as he’s about to leave, he knocks a large envelope off a shelf. Picking it up, he discovers it is full of pictures of Saki in cosplay.


For those wondering, this episode was adapted from chapters 59 and 61 of the original manga. The only significant modification is to give Ohno and Ogiue a moment together that originated from chapter 60, which was already adapted. Also, showing scenes from Rika’s, Yajima’s, Hato’s, and Sue’s trip to Ikebukuro.

So far, I’m happy with how faithful this is being to the original manga. There has been a bit of chapter shuffling, but for the anime’s flow, it makes sense. To me, this is how an anime adaptation of a manga should be.

One thing that sorta came across a bit stronger here than in the manga were the reactions of Sue and Naoko have to Yabusaki’s tirade. To be honest, initially, I thought this was extra material. However, it was all there in the manga. But, that’s what a good anime adaption will do — bring to light things that may have been murky in the manga.

I’m glad Keiko shows up here. I don’t remember her being a part of the earlier Genshiken anime titles, but she’s an important part of the series, even if in a limited role. We didn’t get to see her hostess club card in the manga, so that was nice to see here.

One thing this episode reminded me of is a small translation modification in the manga. Keiko addresses Saki as “Saki-neesan” (or “oneechan” in the sister-in-law sense) because she looks up to Saki and became friends with her.  In the manga, that was changed to “Saki-san”,  which changes the nature of how Keiko views Saki.

And speaking of translations, Mr. Translator, why would a “she” feel the need to use a “he’s” apartment to change from MEN’s clothing into women’s clothing so as to attend a club meeting?  Further to that, why would a “she” get in trouble for using the “he’s” bathroom?  The only time “she” would be acceptable for use for Hato is when someone who doesn’t know Hato’s a man talks about him.

Translation issues aside, I like how this anime series has been adapted thus far. For that, I’m very thankful.

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4 Responses to “Genshiken Nidaime – 03 Review (Hato is a MAN, baby!)”

  1. arimareiji says:

    I’m not sure which came first, but I found Sue’s asking if they could hold that position while she gets an awl and other items even funnier because it’s very reminiscent of a scene in Nisemonogatari. Missed that somehow when reading the manga…

  2. Anonymous says:

    What’s up with the sexism in these Nidaime reviews?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I have no idea what you are talking about. A guy is not called “she”, even more so when people are talking about him as a man. The manga translator got it right; the anime translator got it wrong.

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