Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 421 (Comic Master K!)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 421

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Nagi and Ruka again exchange words on how they’ll win, Ruka getting the final word in, but in reality, Ruka was in as much trouble as Nagi as she too had not done her manuscript.  However, worrying over the limited time remaining to her as well as Nagi’s words on having come up with a good storyboard causes Ruka to waste a lot of time. She wants to consult with Hina or Hayate on her storyboard, which she thinks is good but missing something, but those two have taken off.

Kayura emerges, calling herself Comic Master K while cosplaying the Comic Master J character. Ruka doesn’t get the reference, but Kayura says she’s there to help a fellow, troubled housemate. When asked if she can draw, Kayura reminds Ruka that her parents were assistants of a certain manga-ka and she produces a manuscript that she did at age 12, which is far superior to what either Ruka or Nagi did.

Kayura says that her parents wanted her to live out their dream of being a manga-ka by becoming one herself. Ruka immediately relates to this, since she became an idol due to her own parent’s dream being forced on her. Ruka asks if Kayura is trying to become a manga-ka. Kayura says she might become one or she might not, but for now, she’d rather read manga. This surprises Ruka, so Kayura says life should be lived by doing what makes one happy. She points out that both Ruka and Nagi have a similar problem in that they have difficulty discovering what makes them happy.

Ruka gives Kayura her manuscript, which Kayura starts to read. Kayura likes the story, but as she reads more, she starts showing signs of concern. After finishing, Ruka asks what she thought. With that, Kayura starts to tell a story of an idol that once visited a local supermarket.


One of the things that I liked about this chapter is the subtle glimpse given into the notion of the other person being better or doing better than you might be doing.  Ruka has long been established as a superior manga-ka to Nagi. Nagi has always gotten bogged down in her hideous Brittany magic girl concept, with its bizarre stories and poor art. Ruka has had some doujinshi success with a good story and good art. As such, the manga has shown Nagi to have concern over Ruka trumping her in a contest.

With this chapter, we get to see that Ruka, while having superior skills, is in the same place Nagi is when it comes to actually producing a finished doujinshi manga.  Even though Nagi is in a panic over getting done on time, Ruka panics for the same reason, aided by Nagi’s words that she has a good storyboard, meaning Nagi achieved her goal.  So now, Ruka imagines Nagi is in a better position than she actually is.

It made me think of how we are in real life. Often, we look at others and assume that they are superior to us, or ahead of us in one fashion or the other and that they don’t have the issues that we have. Yet in reality, those other people have similar issues that we have and may in fact be in the same position as us, even if they seem to be ahead of us.  As such, though it is easier said than done, we should focus on ourselves and not worry about others.

So, Nagi gets Chiharu as an assistant and apparently, Ruka is getting Kayura.  It is interesting that Ruka is telling a story of Murasaki Shikibu (Shikibu being her official title as an official responsible for court ceremonies) being reborn in the modern era 1000 years after her death. Clearly, Ruka is modeling her version of Murasaki on herself, where thanks to branching out into doujinshi and meeting Chiharu, Ruka unlocked new avenues in her life — new friends, new fun, and falling in love for the first time. It will be interesting to see what Kayura says about this because Ruka clearly sees true love as happiness, but I think Kayura is going to bring up something else.

Kayura’s purpose in the manga really has been fuzzy to date, other than to be another prod for Nagi. With this chapter, Kayura’s purpose is coming into greater focus. Unlike Ruka, who finds herself an idol because of her parent’s dream, Kayura has refused to allow herself to be dictated to by her parent’s manga-ka dream. As such, I can see this being how Ruka ends up finding her happiness because deep down, I do think Ruka likes being an idol.

As to Kayura cosplaying Comic Master J, I would not have known about the reference had it not been for Genshiken Nidaime and the manga chapter were Sue is talked into cosplaying with the others while helping with Ogiue’s manga since the costume left for her was for Comic Master J. I took a gander at a chapter of Comic Master J and it didn’t do anything for me. I can understand why a manga-ka would get into it though since Comic Master J comes in to save a manga-ka’s bacon when they are behind or having troubles with their manga.

In the end, an interesting chapter. I’m looking forward to finding out what Kayura has for Ruka.

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2 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 421 (Comic Master K!)”

  1. Nice review. I like the allusion to real life.

    I hope that you’re right about this event with Kayura being the key to Ruka finally realizing that she does love being an idol after all. Kayura’s story in the next chapter should seal the deal if this theory is correct.

    One thing that I’m on two ways on is which one of Ruka’s dreams her storyboard alludes to: her dream of becoming a top-selling mangaka or her idol career?

    In any case, it looks to me like Ruka might give up on marrying Hayate even before the actual date of the doujinshi battle and just focus on making good manga. By settling this conflict earlier than expected, the focus can now shift to Hayate and company.

    I like how this chapter introduced a new side of Kayura that’s never been shown before (her being a very competent mangaka).

  2. Anonymous says:

    I liked this chapter a lot. I especially liked the arrangement of the panels in the scene where it was raining.

    It is my understanding that the title “shikibu” was not a title Lady Murasaki held in her own right, but rather as a sort of nickname derived from her father’s position. Her actual name is not known.

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