UQ Holder Chapter 6 SPOILER Images (Update #1)

OK, here’s the first SPOILER image from the upcoming UQ Holder chapter 6.


Eva-sama? Man.  Kinda reminded me of some scenes in Hayate the Combat Butler or Urusei Yatsura with the large staff on either side. I wonder if this means their days of walking are over.

*lol* I just love the look on Touta’s face here.

Well, that answers that I guess. ^_^;;;

Thanks to Southrop for the excellent shares. ^_^

Update #1: I missed this one earlier. Blame it on the rain. ^_~


Again, thanks to Soutrop. ^_^ If anyone has more, let me know.

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12 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 6 SPOILER Images (Update #1)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The order those pictures will be in the chapter seems to be 3, 4, 2, 5, 1.

    In picture 4, Eva says “Well, showing little bit should be ok”
    However, in picture 2, Touta declares he has no interest in a “naked granny”
    In picture 5 Touta says he wants to form a team, which would be a “family of [something]”
    In picture 1, Eva seems to be naming that “family” “UQ Holder”. There’s no explanation why she’s going into that limo.

    I have no idea what that [something] is though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Chapter 6 is out!

    Of the choices (vampires, gods, demons, monsters, item holders, androids, cyborgs, multiple life holders, cursed, reincarnating, can set save points, and body modifications) I’m definitely most interested in setting save points.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like MS’s translator removing all of the Japanese honorifics. Using madam instead of ane-san makes the whole joke about the greeters being mostly from Japan lost. How many Japanese people say madam?

    • Southrop says:

      I am MangaStream’s translator (and the guy who provided the screenshots above btw). I actually prefer to use honorifics and borrowed Japanese terms myself in most of my TL work but I was told to not use them when I joined MS (group policy, I think). It actually makes my job a lot more harder, you know. Took me an hour to come up with suitable/fitting “localizations” for page 4 and the Ane-san scene.

      Anyway, if you don’t appreciate the precious time that I spend translating it instead of working on my masters project, no one is forcing you to read my translations. You can wait for RHS’s releases with CanonRap’s TLs, or even go for MangaInn’s subpar work.

    • Naru Akemi says:

      Oh, now I see how it is. Thanks for the hark work. ^_^

    • SaCul says:

      subpar? if more accurate translations count as sub par then i think I’ll wait.

    • SL from MH says:

      If that’s the case, then i guess MS’s group policy is a bit lose.

      I mean i have been following there work for a some years now (mainly because they provided some of the best cleaned works around). And from what i observed, their level of translation (or type-setting or proof-reading) have deteriorated over the years with many inconsistency like in one release they utilize a lot of japanese names and in the next release they use the english translated names.

      Like for example in Naruto’s case; one release calls the Bijuu Dama (ch 643) is called normally, then in the next they call it the Bijuu Bomb (ch 644), and in another they called it Tailed Beast Bomb (ch 630). I consider that as inconsistent.

      They should just stick with one format.

      Its not like i don’t appreciate there work, since i have recently done some minor cleaning works for a group myself and also did a scanlations work on a Naruto Special with the help of a translator since my japanese wasn’t that good (i didn’t release it publicly and but posted it on the MH forums a few years back). I know its not that easy of work. But what i don’t like is inconsistency (which i have mentioned to the MS group quite some while ago but they ignored it).

    • Southrop says:

      More accurate? I don’t know about that.
      For example, ch 5 pg 2 middle-right, the Japanese says “sore wa kimi ga muriyari— yokose!” and they dropped the Yokose part in the second bubble completely
      Pg 6 top-left, Yukihime says “[…] kotae wa denzo” which is short for “denai zo”, where “nai” is a negative particle, so it actually means “you WON’T reach an answer”
      Pg 8, top, the use of the term invulnerable is a very iffy thing. I know CanonRap suggested that as a term for fujimi, but it’s not technically accurate. The term fujimi means that your body will not die. Invulnerable has the implication that you are not vulnerable to damage as well (i.e. you cannot be harmed at all). In English, the term immortal actually covers both fujimi (cannot die) and furoufushi (cannot grow old and die).
      Pg 8 bottom, “putting my teeth on edge” is a guesslation based on the fact that the original phrase used is “ha ga uku” which literally means to get ‘floating’ teeth (i.e. loose teeth), but it also means to get tired of someone’s bragging
      Pg 14-15, they didn’t rejoin the spread. the events of the lower panels on pg 14 happen after the event in the top of page 15, so it causes confusion.
      Pg 14 bottom-middle, again, they dropped a phrase. “marude sensou da!” meaning “it’s like I’m in a war”

      @SL from MH
      I’m not involved with Naruto, so I don’t really know what’s happening on that side. But I’m not a fan of inconsistency either, so I’ve tried to be consistent as possible. I think the translator simply corrected his terms and did not bother going back to fix them because naruto is licensed and will get removed. If I’m going to be making changes to the translations for certain terms, I’ll at least try to get the older chapters fixed (since UQ Holder isn’t licensed yet, I think MS will continue hosting older chapters)

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Southrop — Thanks for clearing that issue up. I’m not really that familiar with MS. I did use some of their scans recently when I noticed a recent Kodansha Comics volume of Fairy Tale suddenly started mixing in Western honorifics inexplicably. They were using honorifics there, at least to a certain degree, because I was able to verify that all of these Western honorifics in Kodansha’s version was in fact “-sama” in the Japanese. It seems odd that they are forcing Western honorifics here. *_*

    And again, I’d like to thank you for graciously sharing pre-release images. ^_^

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the coverage and recommendation for UQ holder. So far Yukihime/Evangeline is not acting like an immensely powerful immortal spoiled emo kid – which is my general complaint with the whole vampire genre. The Genki vs pain of outliving all your friends theme might just be a new, more humane way of spinning a tale. – Mudakun

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      >So far Yukihime/Evangeline is not acting like an immensely powerful immortal spoiled emo kid – which is my general complaint with the whole vampire genre.

      I hear ya. Eva never acted spoiled emo in Negima, but she is immensely powerful. It will be interesting to see how Akamatsu-sensei contains that in a believable way.

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