Keroro Gunsou – 105 (Of burgers and love from legendary sakura.)

ケロロ軍曹/Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunsou Anime episode 105

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

With 169 days left to invade, the pressure is on the complete the invasion of Earth. Keroro comes up with an infiltration plan, which involves opening a hamburger joint. Fuyuki and Natsumi drop by Keroro Burger, not realizing what it is until they see who’s running it. Natsumi drags Keroro off, having figured out his plan, but he says it is just hard work and a normal life, crying that Natsumi would deny them of this. Natsumi reluctantly agrees, and Fuyuki gets her to help him since the restaurant is doing so well. Tamama runs out of ingredients, so he makes a run to the warehouse for more. Unfortunately, the only thing customers are buying are ¥500 smiles from Natsumi and Mois. As a result, the shop has massive debts. With Natsumi and Mois wiped out, the platoon tries to cover, but no one wants their smiles and the restaurant is done.

Momoka asks Fuyuki to see the sakura in bloom even though it is past season. He agrees but invites Natsumi and the others. She reluctantly agrees and sends her team to find the legendary sakura tree and transplant it to her mansion grounds. The party is in full swing when the tree lights up, causing Keroro and Tamama to fall in love. Mois and Giroro come to check them out, only to fall in love. Momoka and Paul see this, so they go to the next phase of the plan, which is to get Momoka and Fuyuki together. After some setbacks, Fuyuki and Momoka are on stage, where they get lovey-dovey. However, the Sakura is an alien Sakura Sakuura, and its parents come back to take their child back. The Nishizawa force does battle, but Momoka gives up being romantic with Fuyuki to give the child tree back. She is frustrated when the tree leaves, those affected lose their feelings and memories of what happened.


Well, it has been ages since I watched an episode, but since I was recently reminded via comments, I thought I’d pick this up again.

For the first story, it was mildly amusing with the normal dopey plan and failed results. Still, being a cheeseburger lover, I did like the concept of the platoon opening a hamburger restaurant. Not that I’d eat any of the nasty “burgers” they sold. *lol*

As to the second story, I liked that Momoka got a brief, romantic moment with Fuyuki, even if he was just under the influence of the tree. Yeah, she’s a spoiled ojousama, but I can’t help but want her to actually succeed in winning Fuyuki’s heart.

As to the alien sakura tree, I don’t know if there’s a legendary sakura tree or not. However, it did remind me of the legendary World Tree, as seen in Negima!, which also glowed and would cause folks to fall in love.

In the end, we had a couple of fun stories.  I really do miss the manga. Too bad no one will license rescue it.

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