UQ Holder Chapter 22 Manga Review (Time for shounen running and fighting.)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 22

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 22Kaito and Nagumo recover from Touta’s attack; Nagumo is concerned by Touta using Magia Erebea, but the episode has fired Kaito up since these interesting developments is why he does these jobs. With 40 seconds being required to regenerate Kuroumaru’s severed legs, Touta figures he can hold the line that long. Kaito’s failed attack, followed by Touta’s counterattack causes him to decide to buy time and run away, carry8ing the regenerating Kuroumaru with him.

As they flee, Touta is impressed that Ruki is keeping up, and he expresses thus to Ruki as well as his respect for Ruki standing up to Powerful Hand. Kuroumaru starts remembering Karin’s words, so Touta bonks Kuroumaru on the head for being depressed, explaining that since they both have nothing, they are the same and that they should keep going together as far as possible.

Cheered by this, Kuroumaru jumps out of Touta’s arms, then summons new clothing. Touta asks Kuroumaru to take care of the fires and leave Kaito and Nagumo to him. Karin shows up, fully clothed and armed, saying that she’ll help him and apologizing since she didn’t expect to face such powerful opponents. Karin reacts to Touta’s arms, but then denies knowing what they are, saying they are gross.

Kaito and Nagumo show back up, whereupon Touta reveals he knows the werewolf is Kaito. Kaito returns to human form and as Touta explains how he admires those with impressive skills, he demands to know why Kaito is fighting with Powerful Hand. Kaito says that since fighting is his life, the opportunity to fight someone like Touta means taking bad jobs. Realizing Touta wants a shundo contest, Kaito is annoyed, but charges Touta as Touta charges him.


Not a lot to discuss here since not much happened except for some typical shounen stuff.

UQ Holder Chapter 22

Kuroumaru getting legs back was expected. The rapid regeneration is expected as well, which is why the earlier slapping a severed limb back on didn’t make sense to me since it should have just regenerated. But I won’t rehash that.

Kuroumaru summoning new clothing from that invisible box of holding was something I’d forgotten about. But now, Kuroumaru is dressed again, hiding the lack of a winkle, so there’s that. I note that Akamatsu-sensei didn’t have Kuroumaru summon a new shirt, so we get that exposed midriff look. ^_^;

UQ Holder Chapter 22

I’m glad Karin returned, though I’m still disappointed she wasn’t the one to kick arse. With Touta squaring off against Kaito, I’m guessing Karin will take on Nagumo.  Kuroumaru was supposed to help with the fires, but I rather expect Chao to show back up, so Kurouaru may not be going anywhere.

Otherwise, there’s just not a lot I can think of to discuss unless you guys have something. As always, I’ll keep an eye open for new spoilers. ^_^

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