Negima! Volume 38 Manga Review (finale)

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 38
Negima! Manga Volume 38 Review

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Negima! Volume 38For detailed chapter summaries of Negima! Volume 38 with chapter reviews, use this link to pull up the list of everything relating to volume 38. ^_^

It has been nearly two years since Negima! (March 14, 2012) came to an end in Japan. Although I’d written a final thoughts piece on the entire Negima! series, I kept putting off reviewing volume 38 of the manga, as released by Kodansha Comics. Although some have said that I shouldn’t do it at this late stage, I have decided to do it anyway as I have always intended to do so.

Negima! Volume 38 continues the lighthearted “get Negi” sports festival arc that so many people hated. I never hated it. I always saw it as just a lot of fun. At the time, I figured that Akamatsu-sensei was doing his normal non-serious work before going into the next major, serious arc. Little did I know that he’d be ending the series shortly after the arc ended.

Regardless, as I mentioned in my review of chapter 348, this arc allowed the girls to basically have a training exercise in a situation that isn’t life-or-death. Also, I felt that the girls were acting like young teenage girls act, only with magical, combat experience behind them. Now that they weren’t in a life-or-death situation, the fears of the past were in the past. So it was all good with me.

Asuna’s departure was sad, but the fact that the manga then jumps ahead in time to just end is frustrating. After all, we never learned anything more about Eva, how Negi found Nagi, etc. Although I appreciated the “here’s what became of the characters” part of the ending, the fact that things just shut down right when you are thinking there’s got to be a lot more volumes coming is frustrating. Even as I reread it now, in light of the spinoff UQ Holder now being publish (in which Eva is a character, though in a disguise), I still lament the fact that this is the last volume, though I’m no longer angry about it.

On the Kodansha side of things, the Twins do their usual good job of translations. The final note from Akamatsu-sensei is included, as is the cover art and notes (not to be confused with the dust cover art, which is in color). A few translator notes are included as well.

I had thought I’d say more in this volume review about the sports arc, but when I realized what all I’d said in chapter 348, there was no need to repeat myself. ^_~ Although the life of Negima! may have been aborted to the dismay of all us fans, I think we’ll remember the good times and go on from there.

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  1. To be honest.

    As a Hardcore Negima-fan , I was pretty disappointed with this Arc – Volume , Probably the main-reason why , Is because Akamatsu-sensei left Arika out , We really never knew what happened to her exactly , The Hella`s Princess probably knew , Judging her reaction from this panel.

    But anyways , I still hope that in UQ Holder , It`ll be answered somehow.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      True. In the ending, Arika was still left out of the equation. I put that, along with the rescue of Nagi, Eva’s past, etc. into the general “the way this manga ended sucked” pile. ^_^;;;

      I’m with you — I hope that UQ Holder provides some answers, but I’m afraid that it won’t. 🙁

      • I feel the same , I feel like UQ Holder won`t , Since it focuses more on the newer-characters and such , But you never know ! Haha.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          With Eva being a crossover character, I’m hoping there’s a chance that not only will her past get explored, but things tied to her past like Nagi (and through him, Arika) get looked at more.

      • Aki says:

        It possible he will touch on more negima in uq holder.

        The Mage of beginning utilised a body hopping type immortality and members of Cosmo entelecheia has commented on negi magia erebea to resemble the mages power.

        The Mage got a anti magic sword slash through him and nagi disappeared with him, it a big question on how they manage to revive nagi also arika is suitable host for the Mage since they are related unless I’m mistaken.

        But yh negima ended to quickly also there fate to consider, he not really alive and we had real confirmation on negi immortality… From the sounds uq holder the immortal hunters are making a big deal out of magia erebea

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          From the sounds uq holder the immortal hunters are making a big deal out of magia erebea

          Yeah, they are. Hopefully, more information will come because of it. ^_^

  2. WMC says:

    Move on? OK. Forgive and forget? NO WAY. Mr. Akamatsu is past tense, but Motoko and especially Asuna will remain unforgettable.

  3. David_pt says:

    Personally i would love to know Akatsuki plans for satsuki if Negima didn´t end so abruptaly, because in my opinion, she´s one of the most undervoleped character in Negima
    P.s: Sorry for my English

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Personally i would love to know Akatsuki plans for satsuki if Negima didn´t end so abruptaly, because in my opinion, she´s one of the most undervoleped character in Negima

      She was for sure. 🙁

      P.s: Sorry for my English

      Your English was fine. ^_^

  4. Nickspals says:

    This arc really does start out reading like its all taking a breather while building up to something epic- Negi now knows where his father is, but has no idea how to free him without killing him and/or repeating the cycle (where the mage of the beginning just reencarnates in someone else’s body.)

    To top it all his own plan to save the world is time sensitive and requires Asuna to spend well over a century in hibernation so a well as the emotional loss of losing her again, there’s also the tactical issue of Negi possibly facing a climactic final confrontation without his main partner…

    … such a wonderful setup with so much potential…

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Doing a cache test…

  6. WMC says:

    About your post “Manga Sales Suck” from two years ago. The issues then were right-to-left format and general indifference of the new reader. My first manga was “Love Hina,” and it immediately engaged my attention! R-to- L made no difference. I especially loved the graphics, and the story about hapless Keitaro had me laughing out loud with no audience. I loved how the artist made me fill in the blanks. That’s one of the best features of manga: gaps in the action and the story itself that the reader must supply for himself. I think that’s the tripping point for many new readers. One’s mind must be in first gear all the time, and they’re too lazy and passive to engage themselves. It’s active pursuit, not passive trailing a theme park ride.

    I agree about the big eyes. They’re grotesque. I just learned to ignore them in “Negima!” because I liked all the rest of the graphics so much.

    For the new adult reader I strongly recommend the recent hardbound “Mobile Suit Gundam, The Origin.” Gorgeous graphics and intense, realistic actiion. Absolutely not comic -bookish.

    How are sales of anime/manga now?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      For the new adult reader I strongly recommend the recent hardbound “Mobile Suit Gundam, The Origin.” Gorgeous graphics and intense, realistic actiion. Absolutely not comic -bookish.

      I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I really should check into it.

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      Cool. How’s the performance? Load times should be vastly improved.

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    You understand, I hope, that my use of the word “fortuitous” was ironic, suggesting the opposite. :o\

  15. WMC says:

    Oh, yeah. I so seldom run into literate respondents I felt the need to explain. Unecessarily, I’m happy to see.

  16. WMC says:

    “All’s well that ends well.”

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Woot! ^_^

      • WMC says:

        Sounds Elizabethan. Shakspearean? Is there a translation? Like, “Zoot!”

      • WMC says:

        Thanks. It’s good to know somebody that’s hep to the jive. (Cab Calloway) As you can see, I eschew netspeak on purpose, so I’m deliberately ignorant of a lot of it. My take is that it’s exclusivity is painting it’s devotees into a corner. Nobody else listens! Or cares to. How do I know? My grad school experience, majoring in math logic (undecidabilty and optimization of algorithms) fully opened my eyes to social isolation. We knew the best way to stop a conversation in the real world was proudly to announce our major was mathematics. At a coffee table with half the mutts in the group glued to their laptops or cellphones any attempt to speak gets astonished stares. Same thing.

        It’s just another myth that everyone has become a net freak. Ask any six-year-old. Furthermore, except for this site and a few others, the internet contains so much garbage it’s an enormous waste of our culture. Eg, anonymity. On the net it’s an illusion. ANYTHING, and anybody, can be hacked, so why use it? To be able to libel or infringe safely? Good luck. If the bad guys or their lawyers want you they can find you. And for the record, I’m not one of ’em. Way out of my interest range.

        Hutsut ralston on the rillaraw, and the brawley, brawley suet — one of my favorite infringements.

        Thanks for the steer to “urbandictionary.” I’ll start using it. Selectively.

      • WMC says:

        Six-year-olds? Yes. Most of them know a lot about the internet, but few of them have reached freakdom.

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