Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 447 Manga Review (The master troll shows how trolling is done.)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga
Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 447 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 447Miki and Risa ask Izumi if she’s made her video for the video koushien, which she hasn’t. She’s surprised when she learns that both Miki and Risa have secretly made videos. Izumi believes that whatever they’ve done will be no better than their previous, failed video creation attempts. They respond by saying that they put in maximum effort into their work when it comes to giving Izumi a hard time. To prove their point, Miki shows a video of a giant squid she made in 2005, saying it will have good ratings in 2013.

Risa shows off her video, which is a 1000-day coverage of the production of The Wind Rises from Studio Ghibli.

Izumi rejects their videos as cheating, since this isn’t the kind of thing one puts online. After giving an example of what she describes as a true video, telling them she will amaze them with her efforts. She decides to document a fish’s growth and sets up a camera to document a fish in an aquarium. Kotetsu agrees that such a video would be interesting, but it won’t be as easy as she thinks since fish move whereas plants are stationary. Further, keeping a fish alive is harder than keeping a plant alive.  He suggests she consult their father regarding promotions, since she’s under the impression that fish grow and get promoted to new names all the time.

Izumi asks their father for something that gives promotions, so he gives her a bottle of Rémy Martin ZO. She pours some of the contents into the fish tank, causing the fish to grow arms. Koutestu and Izumi are horrified, but Izumi sees this as her chance for her video.  She begins pouring more in, but the fish, now having grown larger, grabs her by the arm and says it can’t stand more of that food.

Now armed with legs and apparent lit humanoid eyes and mouth within the fish’s mouth, the fish-man runs away. Izumi orders Kotetsu to chase it, so he does.

Meanwhile on murder island, Ah-tan turns to face what she thinks is the murderer, only to find the fish-man there. It attacks her, saying it loves little girls, but Ikusa shows up to send it flying. When the startled Ah-tan asks who he is, his response is one she hasn’t heard in ten years. Thus, she clicks the button on her power meter key fob.


Heh. Well played, Hata-sensei. You had us thinking that you were going to go for another pure filler chapter after rehashing one page of Ah-tan at murder island, then you did the twist and tied in said filler to the actual plot. *lol*  That’s the thing about Hata-sensei — he knows how to troll his audience big time, and he got us all with this chapter.

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 447

So, Hata-sensei hadn’t forgotten the video competition. I think the last time it came up in the manga was in chapter 414.  I wonder when it will come up again.

The giant squid video referenced in the chapter as being Miki’s work is a parody of what Discover Channel did early 2013.



That’s why Hata-sensei has the joke with Miki first citing 2005 (the year the manga story is taking place in) and 2013 (when the video was aired and I believe the actual ratings from NHK).

The fish-man seems to be a parody of the fish-men in The Slayers (Noonsa & Rahanimu being a couple of named ones).  In one of the anime episodes, the sorceress Lina Inverse is captured and they often refer to her as “ojouchan” to insult her as a “little girl” before sending in Noonsa to go after her is a deep kiss. In the light novel, it was a bit more severe as Lina’s captors wanted Noonsa to rape her, but being more fish than man, well…*lol*  (Not that rape is funny, but this was a funny, if wrong, moment in the novel.)

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 447

Anyway, there’s a similar vibe as the fish-man in this chapter goes after Ah-tan in a perverse way.

This chapter also shows something Hata-sensei likes to do — give reasons beyond sheer comedy for things.  When Kotetsu showed up earlier in the story arc, I think we all presumed that he was there just stalking Hayate. Hata-sensei actually provides a reason for him being at the same location as Hayate and the others — chasing the fish-man

So now we have Ikusa on the island and and Ah-tan has clicked the button on her power meter key fob. One presumes that this will restore her to her former glory, but with Hata-sensei, you can never be sure about anything. ^_^;

No new chapter next week thanks to Golden Week. So, we have a couple of weeks to wait to find out where Hata-sensei is going to take us next.

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7 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 447 Manga Review (The master troll shows how trolling is done.)”

  1. Random Lurker says:

    I should have known Hata-sensei is impossible to predict!
    You might remember I was saying we might see Isumi having beaten the murderer in your review of the last chapter. Did not except a bizarre Slayers reference instead.

  2. Bill says:

    The fish man reminds me of the Creature from the Black Lagoon (who also liked to grab the girls); also for some reason Chicken George from Kazuo Umezu’s Fourteen (although that character is mutated from a piece of chicken meat). I think we might have missed the real source for the fish man.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Have you ever seen The Slayers? Even though it is old, it is pretty good (and what happens to the fish-man Noonsa is just outrageously funny…at least to me. ^_^

  3. You read Slayers? I have 2-4 of the light novels. Couldn’t find any more of them here. Which volume is the fish man in? As for this chapter, I have to agree with you that Athena pressing the power button could mean just about anything where Hata is concerned. I was quite amused that Alice wasn’t prepared to defend herself against pedofish.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      It is in the first volume. I have all of the books that TokyoPop released. I don’t think I ever read the last two though.

      I was quite amused that Alice wasn’t prepared to defend herself against pedofish.

      Yeah, that was unexpected, especially since she seemed prepared for whomever this murderer is.

  4. […] was the fish-men tribe that Izumi stumbled upon. Of course Izumi accidentally created a fish-man in chapter 447 for a video contest.   I still say these fish-men are like the fish-men in Slayers (slightly […]

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