Some “Ah! My Goddess” Love

Some “Ah! My Goddess” Love

With the Ah! My Goddess manga coming to an end, I thought I’d do an image tribute of stuff I’ve gathered over the years. I guess I’ll start with some Belldandy love.

Ah! My Goddess - Belldandy

Ah! My Goddess - Belldandy violin

Ah! My Goddess - Belldandy - Sunflowers

The older character design for Belldandy is still tops for me.

How about some Peorth?

Ah! My Goddess - PeorthAh! My Goddess - Peorth - Roses

I always liked Peorth. I missed her not being a presence of some kind in the final arc when Keiichi and company left her and Lind to do their thing. Oh well.

And finally, one of the three sister — Urd, Belldandy, and Skuld. ^_^

Ah! My Goddess - Skuld - Belldandy - Urd

I’ll miss the manga (and in fact, I need to see what chapter is out to read), but I do look forward to the adventures in Paradise Residence.  ^_^

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  1. […] was very nice seeing Peorth and Lind again. When I posted my image love for Ah! My Goddess the other day, I was reminded of how Peorth and Lind had disappeared from the manga. I had hoped that when this […]

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