Paradise Residence Chapter 8 Manga Review (There will be motorbikes!)

Paradise Residence Chapter 8 Manga
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 8

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 8 MangaSuzuka walks up the hill to the dorm where she finds her senpai, MATSUSHIMA Ai, sitting on the step and drawing. Suzuka asks Ai what she’s drawing, so Ai shows her. Suzuka sees a picture of the ground, which Ai says she’s not wrong about, but implies she’s not quite right either.

Hatsune comes up the hill slowly on her mini bike. Reaching the top of the hill and the front of the dorm, Hatsune praises her motorcycle for its hard work. Suzuka thinks it would be faster to walk up the hill than ride the mini bike, but Hatsune says that bikes are for riding, not speed.

Seeing Ai’s art pad, Hatsune asks to see, so Ai shows her. Hatsune identifies the drawing as the world, which pleases Ai so much, she hugs Hatsune and calls her a genius. Suzuka looks at the drawing again, then flops the page to see a drawing of a pudding container with Hatsune’s name on it. When Hatsune sees it, she remembers her missing pudding from the other day, then puts everything together as Ai runs away. With that, Hatsune jumps on her mini bike to give chase.


Heh! I’d forgotten that Fujishima-sensei had introduced the mini bike in the first chapter, but it was brief and right at the end of the chapter, explaining why I’d forgotten it. Regardless, Hatsune began channeling Keiichi to a degree with her love for her mini motorbike. One thing is clear — this may be a seinen manga about high school girls living in a dorm (though “seinen” may be fairly meaningless as I don’t expect Fujishima-sensei to do anything naughty), but by jove, we are going to have us some motorbikes in this thing, y’all! ^_~

Paradise Residence Chapter 8 Manga

As has been the pattern for all of these mini chapters, we get introduced to another character and resident of the dorm. Ai may not be on the same level as Komatsu, but she could be fun, especially since she stole Hatsune’s pudding.

Speaking of pudding, it appears that puddings and Hatsune will be a long running gag. Several of the chapters to date have had puddings in them to some degree or other.

So while a fun episode, there’s not a lot to say. I do look forward to the manga moving to its normal, monthly schedule in Afternoon Magazine.

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