Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 07 (How to wake up a dunderhead.)

Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 07
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 07

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 07Suzuka cannot wake Hatsune, who specifically wanted to get up early for her monitor duty and asks for help from Tachiarai-senpai. Tachiarai is stunned and surprised that so many alarm clocks are going off, yet Hatsune remains unaroused, leading Tachiarai to conclude that Hatsune must be dead. When Tachiarai goes to physically wake her up, Hatsune’s movements knock Tachiarai to the ground as Hatsune falls out of bed. Tachiarai thinks that Hatsune must be awake, but Suzuka says that the sleeping Hatsune is in her natural state.

They are joined by fellow student and dorm superintendent, Komatsu, who says she can wake up Hatsune.  Tachiarai and Suzuka agree, though Tachiarai is suspicious of what method Komatsu might use. Komatsu heads to the kitchen, where she informs the young “dorm mother” that she’ll be borrowing a container of natto (nattou).

Returning to Hatsune’s and Suzuka’s room, Komatsu proceeds to take a bunch of the sticky, stinky, fermented soybeans and place some in Hatsune’s mouth, much to the horror of Suzuka and Tachiarai.  In a flash, Hatsune is up, racing to the kitchen sink while Komatsu grins at her success, wondering why the others don’t always use this simple method to wake up Hatsune.

Meanwhile, Hatsune is out of breath at the sink, asking the dorm mother what just happened to her (Hatsune).


As I have long thought, Paradise Residence will replace Ah! My Goddess as Fujishima-sensei’s current manga project.  I’m looking forward to this series being done as regular chapters rather than short ones.

Still, for a short chapter, this one was quite enjoyable. Although completely predictable, I still found myself laughing at Hatsune’s horrified reaction waking up to something disgusting in her mouth, but not being aware of what it was. I think the humor of the scene was aided by Suzuka’s and Tachiarai’s own horrified reactions at watching the devious Komatsu do her thing.

Speaking of Komatsu, she’s going to be a fun addition to the cast. Fujishima-sensei has been using these short chapters to keep introducing new characters, and Komatsu has been the most fun so far, thanks to her deliciously devious method for waking up Hatsune.

Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 07

While we are on the subject of introduced characters, Tachiarai seems to have undergone some changes from Fujishima-sensei. When she was introduced in chapter 6, she came off as somewhat older than she does in this chapter. Further, in chapter 6, she was busy running getting Hatsune food and drink, which I found odd since Tachiarai is the senpai to Hatsune and Suzuka. However, in chapter 7, Tachiarai behaves in a manner more consistent with how a senpai would act when it came to Hatsune not waking up.

I’m still waiting for information on this “dorm mother,” who appears to be a grade school kid at best, yet she’s apparently in charge of cooking and keeping up the dorm.

Never having lived in a school dorm, I’m not sure what a dorm superintendent is, especially when compared to a dorm mother. Any insight you guys have would be appreciated.

So, a fun and humorous chapter here. I see there’s another chapter, so I think I’ll go and read it now. ^_^

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8 Responses to “Paradise Residence Manga Chapter 07 (How to wake up a dunderhead.)”

  1. Lan says:

    I’m not interested in Fujishimas work any more. The only thing he can do right is artwork. I’ll explain this in more detail in the next few months.

  2. ether101 says:

    I really how that characters like Komatsu don’t get the same treatment as the supporting cast of Ah! My Goddess got.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      What do you mean? That they are here today and gone tomorrow?

      • ether101 says:

        Yeah, everyone form the start of the series that wasn’t Megumi or Sora, where drooped by the half way point. Which isn’t to surprising given how 1/4th of the manga is dedicated to fighting demons in Hell and the Judgement Gate. I hope that Fujishima allows for some kind of follow up to be made in the years to come or that another anime pops up that does the series right.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I think we have a better chance here of characters not being dropped or forgotten, mainly because the central characters all live in the dorm.

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