Paradise Residence Chapter 01 (Relaunch) Manga Review (Time for curry!)

Paradise Residence Chapter 01 Manga (relaunch)
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 01 (relaunch)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 01As Hatsune sleeps amidst a sea of alarm clocks, they start going off. As Suzuka and Tachiarai watch, Hatsune actually gets up, but she simply turns off all the alarms in rapid fashion and is out again.

Komatsu arrives, and despite the pleas from Suzuka and Tachiarai, she enters the room with a container that they think is filled with nattou. Instead, it is a pudding container, which when she causes Hatsune to smell it, Hatsune gets up and sleep walks behind Komatsu to the dining room table. However, once there, she quietly signals Dorm Mama to give her “that”.  The elementary school girl isn’t sure about this, but she gives the container of nattou to Komatsu, who places it before Hatsune and encourages her to eat. Hatsune does.

As Suzuka and Hatsune walk to school, Hatsune complains about the nastiness in her mouth and her hatred of nattou. However, despite what Komatsu has done to her, Hatsune isn’t angry with her.

Since it is Friday, it is curry day, which cheers Hatsune immensely.  Further, the once a month beef-pork-chicken “submarine” curry. At school, Hatsune only has curry on the brain. When lunch comes, Hatsune attempts to race to the lunch room, but is stopped by a teacher and delayed. Other students are buying curry, and to Hatsune’s relief, the lunch ticket machine doesn’t have a line. Before she can get there, Nyuutabaru gets there first. When she realizes what Hatsune wants, she orders the submarine curry, causing it to be sold out.

Nyuutabaru tells Hatsune that if she wants the ticket for the submarine curry, she needs to submit dogeza style. Hatsune refuses to bow to any degree, not even for curry. Suzuka shows up with a spare ticket for Hatsune, causing Hatsune to feel extreme relief and gratitude.

That evening, Suzuka and Hatsune walk home, where Hatsune says she liked curry, bikes, friends, sakura, and pudding. She hates nattou, homework, and “that” pudding (Nyuutabaru).


I’m kind of surprised that the chapter numbering started over, but I suppose that’s because the manga is shifting from its short format to its full chapter, monthly format.

This chapter does a good job of re-establishing the characters (save Ai) and their relationships. So one does not have to have read the first eight short chapters to get into this chapter.  As such, we get a rehash of the jokes about Hatsune’s deep sleeping patters, her hatred of nattou, her rivalry with Nyuutabaru, and her friendship with Suzuka. Other characters such as Dorm Mama, Tachiarai, and Komatsu also rehash elements previously seen, but not in a negative way.

I found the chapter to be rather fun. Instead of Hatsune going nuts for pudding, she’s going nuts for curry and making me hungry in the process.  ^_^

Paradise Residence Chapter 01

Because this is a chapter designed to reestablish the characters, there’s not a lot I want to discuss. Other than the curry element, there was nothing new added to the mix.  I will say that I do enjoy the 25 page chapter format and the full story it allows to be told.  It is a shame that the series will only come out once a month, but oh well.

I am looking forward to the next chapter. The implications are that this dorm has a secret, so I’m curious to know what that is.

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