UQ Holder Chapter 51 SPOILER Rumors (Update #1: Now with an image.)

Here is a bit of potential SPOILER rumor for the upcoming UQ Holder chapter 51, courtesy of ChaosProphet via 2CH. No images or greater details anywhere yet. I’ll keep my eyes open for such, and should ANY of you have information you can verify, especially with a spoiler image, I would appreciate sharing it here. ^_^ (My review of UQ Holder chapter 51 should come out Wednesday.)


The UQ Holder chapter 51 goodness begins.^_^

From 2CH:





And what ChaosProphet can discern.

Spoilers on 2ch are out. As usual they’re confusing and not confirmed. But what I can understand is that Sayoko is a necromancer who turned Santa in a revenant, and Kirie comes.

As to Kirie returning, that would be an unexpected twist, but it would allow for an option whereby they could reset things to allow for an all-good ending. It also could be a method to let dunderhead have an out on protecting Santa.

I’ll keep my eyes open for any UQ Holder chapter 51 images or additional information. Thanks as always to ChaosProphet. ^_^

Update #1:  Here’s the spoiler image from MK.

UQ Holder Chapter 51

From what I can tell, Kirie does show up at the end. I also gather that Santa learns the truth about himself. We’ll see what the chapter has in store.


UQ Holder Chapter 51

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9 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 51 SPOILER Rumors (Update #1: Now with an image.)”

  1. Kirie ? isnt her the type whom never goes out her tower without some important business

  2. Seimei says:

    True, but so far the rumors about 2ch uq holder proved accurate.

    A necromancer huh? Cool a new type of magician, when the appearance of a lich? ^^ No honestly I LOVE this manga! The univer Negima was already extremely rich and malleable (it can do almost everything with) and sensei proves it with UQ-Holder, all these new concepts to come in addition to those present in Negima, new character classes, new breeds and a scenario that (contrary to what some people think here) rises in crescendo! Each chapter is a treat for me personnaly.

    About kirie I confess to being skeptical. On one hand I find it too easy Kirie plays the “living save point” at every critical cituation. But come to think of it, is perfectly in agreement with references to the RPG from Negima by Akamatsu ^^

    I mean, when you play Final Fantaisy or Dragon Quest, sometimes you lose the game. When this happens do you say “bah, the good guys do not always win, was logical …” or do you start the game from the last savepoint to finally succeed ^^. And? Well! Sensei had the brilliant idea of ​​taking unrestrained delirium “manga-RPG” by creating a “character-savepoint” lol, I think property to think it’s great. Yet I was the first to complain on the French forum where i debate of this aspect of kirie’s power, (and I was put my mind up for that by my colleagues lol, and rightly so because although well use that may be awesome!)

    Besides, nothing says kirie will reset. On the one hand because the situation is not critical, other pat because I do not think Sensei wants to drag the arc lenght and above: what do we know that can not kirie fight?

    Do not forget the admission test at UQ-Holder: Clean the “cave”. This involves killing monsters. Unless kirie has passed the test by binomial (as Tota and kuro) and I do not think she did, she MUST fought. Perhaps we will see the treasurer of UQ-Holder show us her talents? And indeed, kirie never moves without reason; Hmmm. Eager to learn more!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      True, but so far the rumors about 2ch uq holder proved accurate.

      That’s true, but I do remember from the Negima, and sometimes, there would be people on 2ch who purposefully put out false info.

      But we’ll see. Looks like Kodansha held back on the magazine this week.

      • chaosprophet says:

        There was even one set of fake 2ch spoilers for an earlier UQH chapter. So while they have been reliable lately, I agree with ANB that it’s always good to say it’s unconfirmed until it actually does.

        • Aki says:

          There also the case with jump spoilers… Some were accurate but had overblown/fake parts inserted into it.

          I’m guessing spoilers are making it vague or false enough that it doesn’t get caught.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Quite possibly, though I sometimes think that whomever is posting the spoiler info just loves being cryptic. 😉

  3. What will it profit you put the spoiler after the episodes come out

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      It wouldn’t. However, I didn’t put out the spoiler after the chapter came out. I put out the spoilers days before the chapter came out.

      At the moment, we are waiting for anything spoilerish from Japan for the new chapter coming out Wednesday in Japan.

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