Spotted Flower Chapter 13 Manga Review (The pregnant wife’s new plan.)

Spotted Flower Chapter 13 (Manga)
Spotted Flower manga chapter 13 review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Spotted Flower Chapter 13NOTE: For the purposes of this and future reviews, until the characters are given names, I will call the “not Saki” woman “Oku-san” (a term for a wife) and I’ll refer to the “not Madarame” guy as “Dannasan” (a term for a husband).

Oku-san rubs lotion on her belly, but sees a small stretch mark has formed just the same. She tells her husband, who’s curious to see what this is like. She isn’t for it, figuring he’d freak out if he saw it. Since she’s reluctant to show him, he wants to see it. She wonders aloud if he only wants to do things she doesn’t want to do.

She gives the theory a try by reluctantly showing him. She shows embarrassment, which only makes Danna-san more interested in looking. This leads Oku-san to realize that the more embarrassment she shows, the more interest her husband has in her.Ā  As such, she now has a winning strategy, but wonders why it took her so long to figure it out.


Har! It is funny that the not-Saki character, whom I presume to be as smart as the real Saki character, took so long to figure out what really gets her husband’s interest meter up (and thus gets his motor running).

Spotted Flower Chapter 13

While I’m not wanting to see some kind of sex scene, I do hope she wins in her strategy. I’ve always thought it was silly that the not-Madarame character wasn’t interested in having sex with his pregnant wife, especially since that’s an element of many hentai games.

I still wish I knew what got them together. I keep having this feeling that the answer to that question will actually come from Genshiken.

As to the topic of stretch marks, that never comes up in hentai games. The not-Madarame character may not think it a big deal now, but based on how he is, I can see him being turned off by that.

In the end, it was a fun chapter. I really hope we see not-Saki get to put her plan into action for the next chapter.

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