UQ Holder Chapter 56 Manga Review (The guest star becomes the main star…for now.)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 56

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 56With all of five UQ Holder onsite members out of commission and 57 minutes until Touta can recover, Santa is with Shinji, wondering why he’d bother to save a bully and jerk.

Santa has a flashback to when he was still alive. As students whisper about how someone is going to die since Restroom Sayoko is back, the batterned Santa takes a bread package to the abandoned, old school building’s boy’s bathroom. In one of the stalls, he finds a cute girl crying. She apologizes, wipes her eyes, and says she’s leaving. He tells her she doesn’t have to leave as he was planning to eat his lunch there. She’s surprised that he’s going to do this, but he points out that she was using the stall to cry.  She asks if he’s afraid of her, so he tells her there are people much scarier than her.

Santa asks if he can stay with her, and she happily agrees. With that, the two become fast friends, sharing meals in the stall. The two also repair and clean the bathroom until it is like new.

During this time, Santa explains how he taught himself magic and worked hard to get into school. His mother worked hard to pay the tuition, but she has since died. Now Santa has bullies telling him he’s too poor to learn magic. Santa’s story causes Sayoko, aka Minase, to cry.  She encourages him to talk to a teacher or the police, believing that the bullying won’t go on forever. However, Santa’s troubles increase when he goes to the police since one of the bullies is the child of a member of the school board and has connections with the cops. Now Santa has been labeled as a problem child.

Santa tells her he doesn’t want this to be Sayoko’s problem, so he tells her he won’t be coming by again and will fix it himself. However, Sayoko comes upon him as he’s dying and vows not to let it end like this.

Santa wonders why he’d forgotten all of this when Shinji tries to talk to him and apologizes. They look at the bridge where a hundred survivors are, but they are heavily outnumbered by the zombies. The survivors are mage students who battle the zombies, but they are about to be overrun; one of the members of the discipline committee takes an injury to the gut. Santa uses gravity to smash the zombies in front of them, then wishes he’d joined with UQ Holder as he faces the zombie horde.


So, Santa gets a chance to shine and be the hero…well, for 57 minutes, and then Touta shows up to save the day. ^_~

Man, the melodrama in this chapter is certainly setting up for an even more painful crash when Sayoko hears of Santa rejecting her. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to that. I’d actually like to see Sayoko get redeemed somehow, since she clearly cared about Santa a great deal.

UQ Holder Chapter 56

Still, I think this gives Santa more character background than any other character in UQ Holder, save for Eva, and she doesn’t have much more on Santa.

I’d love to see more of Sayoko’s history (or Minase, as Santa called her in the flashback), but I highly doubt that will happen. After all, the story must move on, which means it is time for more action.

I figure Santa will get to play hero for a bit longer until he confronts Sayoko. She has a meltdown when Santa rejects her, leading the now revived Touta to show up to help. After that, there’s a chance that Ikkuu has downloaded into a new body, thus has alerted the cavalry at UQH, who then show up to start purging zombies.  We’ll see if it plays out as I think it will.

I was thinking I read something somewhere recently (a manga or maybe an anime) were the topic of eating lunch in the restroom was discussed. It has been banging around in my head, and I think there was even a stat about people eating lunch in a bathroom stall. Still, it is a pretty sad, lonely situation to feel the need to eat lunch in a stall.

Oh, before I go, I guess Sensei screwed up when he called he area Mahora Academy. I believe that will be corrected in the tankoubon version. I’ve no idea whether Kodansha Comics will even bother when the volume comes out in America.

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17 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 56 Manga Review (The guest star becomes the main star…for now.)”

  1. Magine says:

    Lol I’m confusing, I thought that this chapter would be the next week, Weren’t two weeks? anyway I glad that came out this week!

    Interesting flashback, I now know more about the past of Santa and Sayoko, I would like that in some way, UQ Holder will help to Sayoko, she seems a cruel person, but in really she had a difficult past as Santa.

    Touta, Ameya, Kirie and Kuroumaru appeared defeated, but, and Karin? She didn’t appear, maybe, she does it in the next chapter.

    In the next chapter, Santa will fight with the zombies, Sayoko will appear again with Kirie and Kuroumaru, she fight with Santa, then, after the difficult fight, Touta will appear and will help to Santa with Sayoko and his friends, then after a long fight, Evangeline will appear to save the day with the cavalry, Kirie will kill herself and all will return back to normal XD

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Lol I’m confusing, I thought that this chapter would be the next week, Weren’t two weeks? anyway I glad that came out this week!

      Two weeks can fly by so quickly. ^_~

      I would like that in some way, UQ Holder will help to Sayoko, she seems a cruel person, but in really she had a difficult past as Santa.

      So would I. I wonder what Sensei will do though.

      Touta, Ameya, Kirie and Kuroumaru appeared defeated, but, and Karin? She didn’t appear, maybe, she does it in the next chapter.

      She may still be buried. In fact, I strongly believe that to be the case. After all, after Santa is at Sayoko’s mercy, Touta has to come in to save the day.

  2. Seimei says:

    astro : Uh … just like that I know you have a big dispute over Tota but there you abbuses:

    The main characteristic of a MAIN character you like it or not IS to save the day (or at least try to do so, before being rescued by his mentor)! Was the case in Inuyasha in Yuyu hakusho-in Fairy-tail in bleach ect. We will not change the basics just because you dislike Tota. Especially at this time things are going well since in fact, the author allows time for a secondary character (santa) to shine. But it CAN NOT and MUST NOT supplant the hero indefinitely because is a SECONDARY character. Otherwise here defy all logic to the story and eventually more confusing.

    Well after this rant just go in the chapter itself.

    I also think that deepen the background of Santa was a great idea. Besides, Santa is the moment there are my favorite member of UQ with Eva (not for the thousandth time my favorite character is NOT Tota. I just defend him because I do not see any illegality in his role as hero).

    However I think Santa will soon Supplente by Juuzo or the vampire boy as my favorite protagonnist character. But I would like him to get the necromantic magic of Sayako!

    For now my favorite antagonnistes is Fate. ^^ I find it much more charismatic and imposing in Negima personnaly. But if the mage of the Beginning arrives, Fate will becomes second^^.

    I think about Sayako, as karin said “her human mind is not.” She is now completely become a wairth only motivated by “raw feelings”. She has lost all ability to reason and I think it is purely impossible to reason with her. Her only salvation was to be exorcised and join the paradise (I do not think sensei sent her to hell, Sayako is not really responsible for her actions. Again was a wairth a spirit avenger without any ability to reason. It is not really at her fault)…

    Magine: Very good prediction! Indeed would be the best scenario. ^^

  3. Blacki says:

    I so hope that not UQ Holder but Fate and his Ala Alba take actions ;~) but still doubt it… or it goes along the line that Fate temporarly helps out Eva and she gets annoyed from it…
    Still im hoping for some real old school Fate action here…

  4. Well , i really wonder that Eva would jump in , she is the type who loves stay out and enjoy tea, she has Kirie after all and well , the trouble can easily tell that only solved between Sayoko and Santa
    But … the mama bear might not forgiving Sayoko for beats down her kid …
    It’s time for Santa to shine and i don’t think Sayoko has more than 2 weeks of her life to gives Santa her power
    About Fate , i bet it’s profit him if Touta and co getting stronger , and Earth is not Mars , he told that he gonna protect mankind but i really wonder which mankind he gonna favour more …

    BTW, a small stuff : Mahora linked directly with where Asuna sealed a.k.a Mars , if they get warped to Mars , things will getting alot faster and maybe a Pactio’s assistant might show up like alot people hope for

  5. chaosprophet says:

    2chan spoilers, no pic:



    Santa uses his telekinesis to barricade the bridge with 5 buses and a boat. He then parts with that group and goes after Sayoko.

    Karin who was able to free herself joins with Touta that just finished healing (the 57 minutes just passed). They cam feel the presence of zombie Kuroumaru 3000m up in the sky.

    Santa who found Sayoko already is attacked by a powerful magic beam coming from the skies.

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