UQ Holder Chapter 60 SPOILER Info (Update #1 — Spoiler images!)

Here is SPOILER info for the upcoming UQ Holder chapter 60, courtesy of 2ch. (My review of UQ Holder chapter 60 should come out Wednesday.)


The UQ Holder chapter 60 goodness begins.^_^

From ChaosProphet:

Color page is Santa and Touta.

It all ends

Kuroumaru that was fighting Touta regains his sanity. That means Sayoko has vanished. On Santa’s hand there is cherry blossom petals (fragments of Sayoko’s soul). Against Karin’s objections, Touta tells Santa to hold the petals while they use Kirie reset with all the UQH members (Ikkuu now on his adult body).

As Karin feared, the evil spirits also came with them, but they soon vanished. Sayoko entrust Santa to Touta and once again scatter away. Touta “If you don’t mind, wanna come with us?”

So, we got the reset, but not in the manner I expected (Sayoko freeing Kirie). Sayoko does come back, but vanishes, which is sad since I wanted her to be with Santa. But it fits since Sayoko wasn’t part of the promo image (see color image at the bottom of the post). Still, Akamatsu-sensei could possibly have her return somehow. In a magical world, anything can happen.
Well, nothing to do but wait for the chapter to come out. If any spoiler images come to my attention, I’ll make sure to post them.

Update #1: Here are a couple of spoiler images from MK to tie us over until the official release of the chapter this evening. ^_^

UQ Holder Chapter 60

UQ Holder Chapter 60



UQ Holder Chapter 60


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33 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 60 SPOILER Info (Update #1 — Spoiler images!)”

  1. Seimei says:

    As I told Chaos-san on the other topic: Well … it seems that finally kirie power worked well (some haters will still scream here or on TV tropes, I feel for here!). Well it is not as amazing as I hoped but I see nothing embarrassing. No, my real disappointment is elsewhere, is that it seems that finally (unless we learn in future arcs) Sayako was not manipulated by the life-maker (which would have been able to explain the use the same magic circle that him (and his followers)) or an other black mage.

  2. Shadow_s_Writer says:

    I think I understand why Sayoko had to travel back with group. If They did not take her in the reset, she would have repeat her revenge, over and over. As for her death, Akamatsu-sensei wrote that she was motivated by her on coming death, that she had only a day left to live, so that even with the reset she was doomed.

  3. I wonder what’s coming next, now. I’m still interested in Tsukuyomi(loved her since Negima, seriously), but I don’tthink Fate or his party will be showing up again anytime soon, so… What’s next? Meeting another new member, or an unrelated mission altogether? Let’s wait and see.

    • Dargor says:

      I half want to say Not!Dynamis (He’s the only guy I care about seeing at this point, everything else is a snooze fest I’m giving up on) is going to be next, but shit, Akamatsu can’t spin a yarn that doesn’t collapse in on itself in the span of a single arc anymore. Not betting on anything.

      • seimei says:

        Dargor : Uh “not-Dynamis” (pff haters and their propensity to always complain!) Was never presented as Dynamis eh? Proof it has a name of its own: Juuzo. There frenchement Dargor you abuse (well did not like you do not was abusing complaints all the time anyway already lol).

        By cons I’ll meet you on the fact that it is probably related to Dynamis. I bet he’s his twin brother or son. ^^


        1. Sorry, but whether you like it or not (and I LIKE IT !^^) Ame-no-mihashira IS Mahora, Fate of UQ Holder IS Fate of Negima and Yukihime IS Evangeline. ^^. And yes, I signal, tha personnaly, I was very pleased to see that even Mahora was not about this crazy and silly, cartoony city and she also knew human pein (suicide, bullying) and cataclysms unlike you obviously. And they call me a fanboy ? lol. I feel for you is a sacred Negima Religious book. And not a single manga telling a fictional story. ^^

        2. Joking aside, more seriously I think instead that we have a good chance to meet again the disciplinary committee of Mahora. Like I really expect to see Ruki and Shinobu again. That said, will surely be much later. After all who would have thought that we would see Crocodile and Gecko Moria again in One Piece (and not-Cold Menthol which contradict me, is not my friend? ^^)

        • Seimei, as much as you like UQ Holder(probably way more than me), I’ll give you a little piece of advice: Try not to get TOO attached to the cast, or you’re putting yourself at the risk of being EXTREMELY disappointed if the story, let’s say, meets an abrupt end all of a sudden and you never get to see the climax of the “epic immortal adventures” you enjoyed for so long, ending up with no explanation about a lot of the misteries and plot points of the series.

          • seimei says:

            Hmmm … If you gonna make me doubt sorry for you, but when I read it was already finished Negima AND UQ Holder had not yet begun. So I read the manga knowingly at propot its abrupt end. Also know that this is not the first manga ending abruptly that I read. Do you know Nurarihyon no mago, Kateikyoshi hitman Reborn or Shaman king? They all sudden (to varying degree, this is true) the same fate as Negima. The worst of the three cases being Shaman king, he did not even have an epilogue unlike Negima and it was not until 8 YEARS, for the 33rd volume with true end! Thank you to the editor at the time ordered to stop his mangaka manga because it did not sell! So when I hear you whine on “HORRIBLE END NEGIMAAAA !!!”, I laugh! I laugh my lungs! You know NOTHING my poor friends! ^^

            On the other hand we all know that the end of Negima is due to several factors, many speculations have arisen. I think it is a combination of all these theories at once:
            1. pressure on kodensha akamatsu (who wanted him to return to pure harem, while Akamatsu definitely wanted to take a turn towards the Nekketsu (perhaps by adding more male characters in ala alba)

            2. the threat of new Japanese law against “sexual content implicants of mmineurs” (VERY laudable objective when it comes to actual content, or even lolicon / Shotacon, that’s fine, that’s obvious. The problem … was she could also be applied to single ecchi which surely made VERY scared Akamatsu (the one who wanted to do that is the Nekketsu trains to imagine within the scope of a ban published in the best cases, because of a harem which in any case had become a thorn in his feet I think. I can imagine his frustration and just if my theory). and I imagine that his publisher was not bad cools, too)

            3. The fact that Akamatsu could no longer handle the power scale (yes, my position is just the opposite of that of Over-master. The problem, in my humble opinion, was not that Negi became trops mas powerful than the contrary, he was still no match against the life-maker, that Akamatsu probably imagine many pounds Relationship hard to ala-alba at the time, including Negi.

            Especially more, indeed, ala-alba had become, it is completely true outperform by Negi. Not knowing how to bridge the gap between the life-maker and ala-alba, he preferred elipse battle rather than offer another fight “what the fuck” like the one we saw in the flashback with Nagi . )dropoff window

            These deductions lead me to think the contrary UQ holder will NOT end up as Negima. For suiventes reasons:

            1. Akamatsu seems to have made peace with Kodensha (I must say that even if finally the famous new Japanese law has received an amendment and that it will apply only to the final implicants sexual content real minor (which, again very well we all agree I think) but does not concern the fictitious contents (manga, anime, video games, ect) it is likely that even if the dirigents of Kodensha (and Akamatsu) pushed a big sigh of relief, they still have a nice-funk and expressed that if the idea that Akamatsu away from the harem and the Nekketsu face of his dreams in his universe was can -be not a bad idea ^^)

            2. a much better control over the power scale (yes I dare say, Akamatsu knows where it goes this time. His goal is to arrive at the life-maker. Now, as this time the hero are already overpowered immortal (except for well-understood rookis, they have a power level corresponding to the beginning of the mundus-magicus I would say), it will be less difficult for him to take them forward to reach the level of life-maker .dropoff window

            In this regard over-master if you read me, Sorry but YES increased power scale is the basis of Nekketsu GOOD. All shonens are not Nekketsu but Naruto, Reborn, One-Piece, Bleach, Shaman-King, Dragon ball, Negima AND ARE UQ Holder of Nekketsu.

            Also I have already said, the problem is not the size of the power scale, but its coherence and its management. But until the end, the scale of Negima remained consistent despite its constant evolution, as it was structured, explained and detailed. Or overkill of life-maker was in conflict with this consistency. Akamatsu therefore élipser of the fight. However, as I said the power of members of UQ Holder, offers hope for a more coherent and credible opposition against the mage of the Beginning, a bunch of schoolgirls certainly become powerful but still barely able to overcome werebeasts (Fate of the partners) and an inexperienced magia-erebea user who just managed to match Fate in their last duel. Fate … which was well below strength in life-maker. So that’s what …

            So that’s why I think qu’Akamatsu PERFECTLY knows where it goes and I’m sure he enjoys even more than in the time of Negima. And even if, despite all that UQ Holder ended abruptly would damage … I said but not the other … too bad. Yes because I do not whining about the author when the end of a manga does not suit me perfectly. Meditate on it all of you. ^^

            ps: Stop passing a Nekketsu for what it is not good blood! When I buy a Nekketsu has so epic adventure, bastons “dragon-ballesque” and mounted power, magical univer the classy and charismatic characters ect. And what I find in the fassinant akamatsuvers, was are incredible flexibility, you can do anything with and it is infinitely expandable. Looks like the marvel universe, it’s great!

            It is not for a reflection on the meaning of life or the high philosophy I buy a Nekketsu! If there is in it’s good, I am even more fun! But when I buy an apple pie I find it attands OF APPROACHES apples and not oranges. If there are more then pears is even better, but I want apples priority because I commended man pie APPLE. But here I feel that certain commendant an apple tart wanted to have more pears than apples in it. Is a total non-sense.

            If you want to think primarily, plus a good story (the opposite way so), read Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Nothe or view Gueass Code or Psycho pass (well, I should perhaps start this one ^^) I have all appreciated elsewhere. But do not read of Nekketsu it’s not the good kind of manga! ^^

            But do not complain that a Nekketsu, is written as a Nekketsu with a storyline and a tracking Nekketsu.

          • seimei says:

            ps (2) : baston = fight. A french expression sorry.^^

        • cold_menthol says:

          Juuzo reminds me more of Mana than Dynamis. Maybe because to me, it looks like Juuzo is more of a fighter (like Mana in a way) than a mage (like Dynamis).

          But, as we agreed, OP is kind of an exception, right? My expectation for UQH! is not as high as my expectation for OP. Besides, those two were Shicibukai. I would instead compare Shinobu to Makino, Kaya, or one of Sanji’s old friends, who needed a few hundred chapters to reappear in the story.

        • My fellow, I said it once, I’ll say it again: I was giving you a little piece of advice. What you decide to do with it is up to you. And just so you know, I did read all of the manga you mentioned. Never say things like “You know nothing” when you yourself don’t know a thing about the other person. It’s another piece of advice, I guess.

        • Seimei: If that’s the case, then by all means, enjoy your reading. xD But the thing about not criticizing things you don’t like or the author when his series gets bad it’s a whole different story for me. I’ll respect your way of thinking, of course, but to me, their routine is not an excuse, as they compromised themselves with it in the first place, it is expected that they will keep up with it.

      • I’m not getting my hopes up, either(I still remember Negima’s end). Then again, It won’t hurt that much to speculate, I guess. I’m somewhat interested in that boy who is supposed to be a vampire or something – since he kinda looks like Fate, I was wondering if there is any connection between him and the Averruncus series. That aside, LOL, “Not!Dynamis” xD Yeah, all that’s left is to wait and see.

        • cold_menthol says:

          Me too actually, but because he’s said to be a vampire, not because he looks like Fate. After all, including MSN, there are more known Averruncus than vampire. And Fate’s character design is not so uncommon, you can add one of Touta’s friend and Zect to their group. (Still hoping to learn more about Zect here.. -_-‘)

          • Zect, Albireo… Anyone from Ala Rubra would be pretty nice, I guess? xD But you’re right. Even if he doesn’t have anything to do with Fate, maybe he has with Evangeline. Well, even if that’s not the case… With the way things played out in this arc, I see some potential in the backstory of the characters. But, since they mentioned Juuzou in the beginning of this, I suppose he’s more likely to show up.

          • seimei says:

            Cold-menthol & Ragna :For albireo was almost a certainty, I remember he was a of Negi special comendo (UQ Holder first gen^^) in 2065 against the life-maker. And I believe that every member of this comendo, now leads a branch of UQ holder. It’ll be weird to see Chachamaru as team leader! I look forward to even it ^^.

            Ragna : all I wanted to say with my examples, is that I read too much manga to be disappointed about the end of the manga (or his sequel in your case^^). Because:

            1. It’s just a manga, not a thing that will change the future of the world.

            2. Without author, manga in question would not even exist.

            3. I am careful not to criticize an author who has a spartan lifestyle that most of us would be among UNABLE to hold! Let’s be honest! (like all Japanese mangaka I remember, I mean, hell! One Chaptper every WEEK, few breaks and a handful of days of leave per year! you could do like you? lol, not me ^^)

            4. If the end does not like it, I write a fanfic, if not more complicated. That’s why fanfiction exist at the same time lol ^^.

            No, I really do not see why I would complain against an mangaka or a comics author because I didn’t like the end or an event in the story. I have more interesting to do and I have the means to ease my frustration possible if I were to have one (the fanfiction ^^), I just take pleasure in immersing myself in a world that fascinates me and delights me with its infinite possibilities and his wealth ^^.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        That’s whom I’ve been expecting to show up next.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’d bet on another new member. However, will we see this character before 2015? Sensei may go easy during the month of December since we are going into the time when there are more breaks.

      • chaosprophet says:

        Akamatsu did mention on twitter on Monday that chapter 51 is done and 4 more chapters to be done in this year. I’m guessing that while the magazine breaks will come, he will use that time to get ahead a little = longer before we got Akamatsu’s own break.

        In any case the magazine breaks will come and I don’t think Akamtsu will try to go with double chapters in the next issues. So only 2 chapters in December (at least I believe the magazine is on break next week and again two weeks after).

  4. OverMaster says:

    We still have to meet the long haired female? standing between Touta and Karin, I think. Judging from this manga’s previous track record, I guess it’s her/his turn next.

    So those school commitee girls ended up being non-factors, huh? Pity. I liked their designs, and this immortal sausagefest desperately needs some non immortal female characters. And I doubt there’s any reason for them to be seen anymore now there’s nothing to left do at Not! Mahora anymore (well, other than fixing the cruel classism anyway, but UQ Holder? Attacking the actual causes of the problems rather than the symptoms they can punch while looking ‘cool’? HAH!)

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      …this immortal sausagefest desperately needs some non immortal female characters.

      *LOL* Excellent point. ^_^

  5. cold_menthol says:

    You have a typo there, Astro. Did you write this post after watching F/SN? :p

  6. seimei says:

    Astro : Otherwise on the subject of reboot, I said to me, after reflection, finally, in this case, was a good idea. Not because of Tota and other numbers on mission but for Santa. It must be remembered that he felt responsible for the outbreak of the virus Z, and I think he would bad resented having tens of thousands of deads on earth on his conscience. In addition it was already weakened since we told him that he died so that’s what it was already quite disturbing as that for me!

    What do you think Astro-s? ^^

  7. chaosprophet says:

    Here is a very bad scan of the color page http://i.imgur.com/aTz2PHW.jpeg

    Also at the top seems to be advertising for the 5th volume with it’s cover. That seems to be Santa in the middle, Touta on the right and someone on the left. Can’t identify who though. Volume 5 should cover up to chapter 51 or 52. That’s just before the zombies attack (51) or at the very start (52) so first volume will be most the school life part of this arc (and also last two chapters of fate’s arc).

  8. NML says:

    I wonder if, before Touta and co. leave Mahora, we’ll see some connection to Negima. So far there hasn’t been any reason for this arc to be set at Mahora.
    I’d like to see Touta find out more Negi.
    Also, I want to see more about Touta, and what he really is, I believe that Santa found out he was born only about 4 years ago.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      It would be nice to see such a connection, but I’m going to lean to the idea that they don’t. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if they are back at UQH HQ, whereupon Santa gets some kind of initiation rite.

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