Kemeko Deluxe AMV – Fanservice Hilarity

Kemeko Deluxe AMV – Fanservice Hilarity

As I’m wont to do, I stumble across things that I feel need to be shared. This is one of those things. 😀

I’d never heard of the Kemeko Deluxe anime series, so I knew nothing about it. I had heard Jason Derulo’s Wiggle song, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. However, the combination of these two items as an anime music video works pretty well as a lot of work went into crafting this video to have the anime scenes match the lyrics being sung.

Take a gander.

I can’t help but giggle every time I watch this video. Although it looks to only be an ecchi fest, I have to admit that this AMV makes me want to watch Kemeko Deluxe.  And the song, which I previously didn’t care for, suddenly isn’t quite so bad. (But I’m still not adding it to my collection.)

So, what do you think? A funny AMV? If you’ve seen Kemeko Deluxe, is it a good series?

Kemeko Deluxe

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6 Responses to “Kemeko Deluxe AMV – Fanservice Hilarity”

  1. Tim says:

    What I remember most about Kemeko Deluxe (outside of it’s totally wacky premise), was how this was the series where I found just how dynamic and versatile Saito Chiwa was in terms of her performance range. Before, I only knew her for doing the young girl roles that she started with in R.O.D the TV Series. Here, she really gave 100% in dialing her crazy to 11. 🙂 Just had me bust a gut laughing every time.

  2. Dave Baranyi says:

    I liked the series a lot. I found it to be hilarious and smart. (If you google into the past of r.a.a.m. you ought to be able to find some of my comments on the series from when it was broadcast.)

    That AMV was quite good. But if you want a real feel for the “attitude” of the series you should check out the opening animation.

  3. Rob C. says:

    It was enjoyable series, i found i like the Manga better, but when isn’t the Manga better? ^_^
    Plus there more to it than the Anime was. Though it was cut off short before long.

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