Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 482 Manga Review (Give an android an iPad to use SIRI to perform calculations.)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga
Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 482 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 482Ayumu’s attempt to kiss Hayate is interrupted by Hina showing up, who encourages them to continue before fleeing the scene.

Meanwhile, Ah-tan and Isumi are investigating the room that held the Royal Power in Yukari-chan House, trying to figure out the inconsistencies in what Mikado said about the stones and the Royal Power. Isumi decides they need something powerful to solve this problem and she produces an iPad Mini in order to consult the robot inside named Siri.

Ah-tan is excited by this, but when Isumi attempts to bring up Siri, she calls Sakuya instead. Sakuya is not amused and hangs up, leaving Ah-tan less than amused with Isumi. Ah-tan suggests finding someone who can help them.

On cue, Fumi shows up with Maria, Nagi, Sharna, and the android Ell-chan in tow. As a Lifesaver, Fumi offers Ell-chan’s support. Ah-tan and Isumi want the android to use Siri, so Ell-chan agrees. After Ah-tan and Isumi have a quick chat, Isumi asks Ell-chan to have Siri compute 1+1+4+1+3 (the number of stones). Ell-chan does this, and with this problem solved, the iPad is dropped as Fumi sets off again with Ell-chan, Sharna, Nagi, and Maria.

Hina picks up the discarded iPad and asks Siri about trouble with love. Siri doesn’t have an answer.


The more I read this chapter, the more amusing I found it, which is not a bad thing at all.

Although I had not speculated on what would happen between Ayumu and Hayate over the kiss, I had quietly expected that Fumi might have shown up to solve the problem in some hilarious way. I was completely wrong about that, but Hina does make more sense, considering how she fits in with Ayumu and Hayate.

Something I hadn’t expected (and this is the reason that it is nearly impossible to speculate on where Hata-sensei will go with things) is that the main plot would be touched again. It was interesting to learn that Himegami’s family had long been guardians of the Royal Power. Maybe in the next ten years, we’ll actually learn more about Himegami’s role in all this and whatever happened at Yukari-chan House.

Isumi and Ah-tan do make an interesting duo. Isumi is a powerful miko-mage, and Athena (at least in adult form) is also a powerful mage and swordswoman. So it is always kind of amusing seeing Isumi trying to master (and thinking she has mastered) 21st century technology. Seeing Ah-tan get excited by an iPad and Siri was also amusing since she clearly got carried away in the moment.

Of course, the most absurd moment was having Fumi show up with Ell-chan, an android that looks like a human female, has artificial intelligence, and can no doubt perform impressive calculations as walking computer. Naturally, we’ll have said computer use an iPad to ask Siri to perform a simple calculation. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 482

So it was a fun chapter with a surprise touch of the main plot. I kinda hope we get some more advancement on the plot front with the next chapter.

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8 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 482 Manga Review (Give an android an iPad to use SIRI to perform calculations.)”

  1. Going by the order of characters who haven’t made an appearance yet, I’d say next chapter will feature either or both:
    Kayura and Chiharu – in order to NOT advance the plot.
    Yozora and Hisui (finally?) – And we learn that she’s got a twin sister named Kohaku… who will then proceed to fall in love with Hayate :D.

  2. Tim says:

    They had an android use an iPad to have Siri do a calculation?

    I wonder if anyone else immediately thought of Google Android when reading this sentence? ^_^ (or if the word ‘android’ was used in the original Japanese)

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