Sailor Moon Crystal – 17 (Lather, rinse, repeat…times 3.)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal – 17 Review
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Sailor Moon Crystal - 17Usagi is having a hard time dealing with the loss of Mars and Mercury, but when Chibi-Usa attempts to cheer her up, Usagi doesn’t understand and gets jealous because the little girl is spending so much time with Chiba. At the arcade, Chibi-Usa shows great skill at the Sailor V game as well as scoring tons of prizes and candy, making Usagi more jealous. After Chiba takes Chibi-Usa home, Usagi, Mako, and Minako go to their HQ under the arcade to discuss things with Luna and Artemis, where they begin to think that Black Moon is after Chibi-Usa (Rabbit).  Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa, playing in the rain, accidentally breaks her Luna-P cat doll head.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 17Specter Sister Petz is going to avenge the death of her sisters as Mako finds herself getting sick. Mako’s kouhai, Asanuma, sees Usagi and Chiba speaking with Luna. When he runs into Mako, he escorts her to her apartment since she’s obviously sick. He confronts her on what he knows, so she lets him in on a taste of the truth and kisses him on the forehead because of his concern for her. After he leaves, Petz sends her minions to Earth to mimic humans, one to mimic her. As Sailor Jupiter, she defeats them. Usagi and Minako arrive to help. However, before Sailor Moon can kill Petz, Petz has captured Mako, whom Crimson Rubeus swoops in to capture, marveling at his Prince’s actions.


After two episodes where Sailor Jailbait girls were kidnapped, there was no doubt in my mind that Makoto would be next after Petz was revealed to be thunder-based. After that, it was simply a matter of twiddling my thumbs while waiting for the inevitable.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 17

I suppose I should take some solace in the notion that Sailor Moon is apparently killing the Specter Wenches. The whole Black Moon clan is one dimensional, so killing these bastards is about the only thing to look forward to, and that’s not much at all.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 17

With Usagi being so jealous of Chibi-Usa calling Chiba “Mamo-chan” (as Usagi does), getting a Tuxedo Mask doll from Chiba, and more, I expected her to accuse Chiba of possibly being a lolicon. But things didn’t actually go down that road as Usagi’s jealously and airheadedness prevented that from happening. Shame about that. It would have added a bit of enjoyment to this mostly tedious episode.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 17

As to Chibi-Usa…


…we are getting the signs of her becoming the first Sailor Loli. I already know she’s Usagi’s and Chiba’s daughter, or at least, I think I remember reading that. I haven’t bothered to look it up again just to keep myself from being more bored than I already am when watching this series.



Sailor Moon Crystal - 17

All that aside, I will say that I liked Asanuma’s and Makoto’s screen time together. It is sweet how Asanuma looks up to his senpai. Makoto blushing from being sick made her look especially cute, and thus when she kisses her concerned kouhai on the forehead after vaguely telling him her story, it added to the sweetness of the moment for me. Considering how as she was being captured, she thought of him and his words on wanting to be as strong as her, I’m hoping we get to see a romance between the two.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 17

Well, I suppose I should go look to see if the next episode is up or not. Despite not being impressed with this, I am still curious to see the stories I don’t know.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 17

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2 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal – 17 (Lather, rinse, repeat…times 3.)”

  1. Ugh! This part of the storyline was especially stupid. It’s clear that Naoko had no idea what to do with the otherwise useless Inners, and thus conveniently wrote them out of the way.

    What’s odd is that Minako avoids this fate, but contributes nothing noteworthy to the plot. She just spends the rest of this arc playing third wheel to Usagi and Mamoru.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      What’s odd is that Minako avoids this fate, but contributes nothing noteworthy to the plot. She just spends the rest of this arc playing third wheel to Usagi and Mamoru.

      Which is a shame since Minako is the one character I liked the most.

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