Sailor Moon Crystal – 22 (Being stabbed by a dark crystal might be better than watching this episode.)

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Sailor Moon Crystal - 22Chibi-Usa’s exit causes a time storm that knocks Sailor Pluto out. In the Crystal Palace library, King Endymion and Tuxedo Mask set off to find out what’s going on with Sailor Pluto and Chibi-Usa. Sailor Venus, Artemis, and Luna learn more about Death Phantom, an evil human who was banished to the planet Nemesis. On Nemesis, Sailor Moon overhears things before passing out. Prince Demande takes her to her room and tries to kiss her, but she comes to and a bolt of electricity prevents him from moving in on her. She runs away and encounters Demande’s brother, Saphir, who tries to kill her since he sees her as the reason Demande took Black Moon off of their original goal.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 22Usagi evokes the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal, combined with power from Neo Queen Serenity, and transforms into Sailor Moon. She is able to sense Mako, Rei, and Ami and remotely revive them, empower them, and cause them to transform, whereupon they rise up and bust through to where Sailor Moon is. Rubeus, seeing what is happening and believing Wiseman is using them, attempts to flee. Wiseman kills Rubeus. Sailor Moon uses her power to get one of Sailor Pluto’s keys and escapes with her fellow Sailor Senshi. Wiseman is surprised by this, but since Tuxedo Mask is caught in the time storm and lured by the adult Chibi-Usa, Wiseman believes Sailor Moon will return. Sailor Moon senses what is going on with Tuxedo Mask and is briefed on the situation by Sailor Pluto.


And the stupidity continues…

Sailor Moon Crystal - 22

I’m pretty sure that Wiseman will turn out to be Death Phantom. Well, it isn’t that hard to predict.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 22

Usagi “digging deep” to activate her powers is pretty expected since this is how things go in Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 22

Still, even when Sailor Moon jump starts her worthless friends, they are still just as worthless as ever. They all try to attack, but as usual, utterly fail when Prince Demande stops them. Seriously, how did this franchise ever get popular with such worthless characters? Oh yeah, it is the babe factor, isn’t it?

Sailor Moon Crystal - 22

And on the subject of utterly useless, I just rolled my eyes by Tuxedo Moron running out into a time storm. I understand him wanting to save Chibi-Usa,  but blowing off everyone with common sense trying to stop him just makes me want to punch him in the face. Ah, but this is so Sailor Moon will be forced to come back, save her doofus boyfriend, and her daughter of the future.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 22

Speaking of Chibi-Usa, I’m not sure why they are trying to disguise her adult form. It isn’t that hard to figure out that, but whatever.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 22

I felt badly for Sailor Venus since she was tossed aside like trash. She’s pretty much the only character I’ve actually liked, but I know that if she had gotten involved, she’d be as worthless as the rest.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 22

In the end, I lost some IQ points again, but being a glutton for punishment, I’ll keep watching this tripe.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 22

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2 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal – 22 (Being stabbed by a dark crystal might be better than watching this episode.)”

  1. mirouw says:

    The first anime was better, i’m so disappointed by this ****. The other Sailor are so useless and the battle so badly animated. At least in the first anime with the filler we had more battles and fun than here. D: But I keep watching it and hoping that’ll be better in the next arc.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      The other Sailor are so useless and the battle so badly animated.

      The whole thing is badly animated. ^_^; And they only do an episode every two weeks.

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