Sailor Moon Crystal – 26 (“It’s a family affair.”)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal – 26 Review
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Sailor Moon Crystal - 26Sailor Moon attacks Nemesis, but disappears. Tuxedo Mask also disappears. Neo Queen Serenity wakes up and revives her husband. She explains what happened to the stupefied Sailor Senshi and embraces her daughter for finally leveling up. She sends Sailor Pluto’s body back to the Crystal Palace to be entombed before giving ChibiUsa the Space-Time Key and a new rod. Chibi-Usa takes off as Sailor Moon wakes in space, surrounded by a barrier, and in the arms of Tuxedo Mask. The real Planet Nemesis is before them, taunting, so Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon decide to snog for power’s sake. Chibi-Usa arrives, identifying herself as Sailor Chibi Moon. She, along with Sailor Moon attack Planet Nemesis, destroying it. As a result, Earth and the Crystal Palace return to normal.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 26Neo Queen Serenity grants Sailors Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter new powers in person. She remotely grans Sailor Moon new powers as well, choosing not to see Sailor Moon to prevent a paradox. Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Chibi Moon return, where Sailor Moon and Neo Queen Serenity decide to meet anyway. The other Sailor Senshi meet their future selves before being sent back to Earth of the past. Chibi-Usa packs up her things there to return to the future. Usagi cries, but eventually accepts it and escorts her to the spot where she has to leave. Chiba arrives, giving Chibi-Usa a Tuxedo Mask doll before Chibi-Usa leaves. Usagi and Chiba start to snog when Chibi-Usa returns with a note from Neo Queen Serenity, authorizing Chibi-Usa to train with Sailor Moon.


Is it over yet? Can I come out from under the bed now?

Sailor Moon Crystal - 26

This series took so much out of me, I really find it difficult to even think about this episode, much less write about it.  Even doing snark is coming off as difficult, that’s how exhausted I feel after watching this episode, which seemed to be twice as long as it actually was.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 26

Once Neo Queen Serenity finally got out of bed, I figured we’d see her doing some sort of additional power thing ’cause she’s Sailor Moon Plus. Instead, we get this, “Well, once I had sex and became queen, I lost my powers to fight. Instead, I’ll send out my traitor daughter who returned to the fold and hope that she doesn’t go dark side again when she encounters Nemesis. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

Sailor Moon Crystal - 26

Still, isn’t it awesome that Neo Queen Serenity has powers to grant the worthless Sailor Jailbait some additional powers? I don’t know why she wasted her time since we all know that if another anime series comes about, Sailors Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter will prove just as worthless as before. (OK, they may get one episode each where their new powers are helpful, but that’s about it.)

Sailor Moon Crystal - 26

I actually laughed out loud when Neo Queen Serenity got up and just ignored her fallen Sailor “No Longer Jailbait” Senshi in favor of running past all them to get to her husband. Well, I suppose I can understand that, but I’m thinking, “No concern for your comrades of all these many, many, MANY years?”

Sailor Moon Crystal - 26

I’m glad Sailor Pluto got an acknowledgement by Neo Queen Serenity since Sailor Pluto was pretty much the only character worth her salt. Sadly, I couldn’t help but think, “Did you know she wanted to steal your husband, just as your daughter did to your husband before he was your husband?”

Sailor Moon Crystal - 26

OK, I think I’ve written enough snark. I don’t have anything else, so I’ll stop here. This was a tedious episode for me that attempted to be emotional at times, but failed. I may write a final thoughts review, assuming I can muster up enough strength to do so.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 26

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2 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal – 26 (“It’s a family affair.”)”

  1. mattcgw says:

    So did they adapt all the manga into 26 episodes, or is there more to be adapted?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      There’s quite a bit more to be adapted as there are several more Sailor Senshi to introduce. There has been no announcement on whether there will be more anime though.

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