UQ Holder Chapter 86 Manga Review (Your girlfriend is gone!)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 86

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 86Touta wakes, remembering his last conversation with Kitty where she says goodbye and that even if they were to meet again, she’d be 66. Despite knowing she’s not going to be there, Touta goes to the balcony anyway. On one of the tables, he finds an inscribed message from Kitty, telling him that in four days (287 years for her), he should meet her there.

Dana summons Kuroumaru, Touta, Santa, and Kirie, but Touta’s thoughts are only of Kitty and how could she possibly remember him after 287 years. Dana brings Touta back to reality by calling his name and telling him she has a finishing move for him to defeat Fate or to stand with his grandfather and great grandfather. Touta realizes Dana is tweaking him a bit because of Yukihime, so he reminds her that he did such a move on her. She retorts that he has no knowledge of what he did or how to consciously use it. Touta responds that she hasn’t taught him anything yet, which she agrees with.

She produces a notebook with instructions for a finishing move for Touta. She has also made up books for the others — for Santa, it is a message from Sayoko; for Kuroumaru, it is a book of secrets; for Kirie, it is a book of her embarrassing secrets. Dana seals all four notebooks in a box, then hurls the box over the side of her floating castle. She says that below is a castle ruin with vicious monsters, and they’ll have to find the box in those ruins. Only the first one to reach the box gets the contents inside. However, she has no intention of letting them jump down, but instead, hurls them far and wide.

Touta is flung 500KM from Dana’s floating castle, using a shundou to stop himself once he hits the ground of this tropical environment. Dana gives them a month to reach their objective, meaning they can take their time if they want. Touta realizes he won’t be able to see Kitty, so he asks Dana telepathically how long the mission would really take. When she responds two weeks, she smirks at Touta’s dismay and says that the minimum it will take is four days. However, she doesn’t think he has it in him to do that. Touta is about to shundou out of there when he’s stopped by Kirie, who happens to be near him. She offers to help him get to the destination quickly, though in reality, she wants the prize to burn her book of embarrassing secrets.


I’m going to have to rant about Crunchyroll and their complete and total ineptness and lack of quality control when it comes to their simulpub manga titles, but that’s another post. (UQ Holder chapter 86 was available, then made unavailable due to “whatever” reasons last night.)

UQ Holder Chapter 86

While I will NEVER ship Eva x Touta, I can absolutely understand Touta’s strong desires to see Eva every morning. I had thought about it to a degree last week, but when Touta got up to see Eva again, hoping against hope that somehow she’d be there when he knew she wouldn’t be there, I was reminded of when I was a young teen on some trip, meeting some really cute girl my age, and then meeting with her repeatedly until one of you have to say goodbye and it is over. You might come back at some future date, but in all the places you met said girl, she’s not there, even though secretly, you hope that maybe somehow, you’ll run into her and reconnect.

In Touta’s case, he got renewed hope in that he was told he’d get to see her in four days. But as things go, he’s probably not going to be able to meet her in four days. No doubt, Dana set this up with Eva ahead of time, just to give Touta that extra bit of incentive to get the job done. There’s nothing like the thought of getting to see a girl you really like to propel a guy forward. 😉

But I’m STILL not shipping Eva x Touta! 😉

Now, as to this latest part of the story, Dana’s scatter drill is pretty much a more impressive version of Fate’s crew doing the forced relocation spell. She seemed to fling them all in the same direction, so I guess we could see Touta and Kirie encounter Santa and Kuroumaru.

Of the foursome, it is interesting the only Kirie’s book appears to be something negative about her. So for Santa, Kuroumaru, and Touta, the “first come, first served” rule would likely only see them choose their own books when they arrive. Kirie, on the other hand, is afraid the others will choose her book (or her book in addition to their own), so I suspect this was Dana’s method for motivating Kirie, who might otherwise slack off.

So now Touta has to try to cover ~311 miles in four days on foot. Now we have two weeks to wait and see what “fun” is in store.

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24 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 86 Manga Review (Your girlfriend is gone!)”

  1. NML says:

    I really liked this chapter, the training arc has taken an interesting new direction, I wonder how much longer it’ll last, probably until at least chapter 90.

    I’m really interested in what’s written in the notebooks.

    Although, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if all the notebooks are blank, it seems like a Dana thing to do.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone’s powers have developed. I like the idea of Touta being paired with Kirie for this.

    Also, I’m looking forward to the art in the coming chapters, after the very urban backgrounds we’ve had in UQ Holder, I’m looking forward to seeing some jungle backgrounds.

    Akamatsu mentioned on Twitter that the break is due to him being in France last week.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Akamatsu mentioned on Twitter that the break is due to him being in France last week.

      Yeah, an interview was up on French sites.

  2. magine says:

    287 years, she will continue to remember him for 287 years!
    Touta thinks so much about her that even he forgot about the finishing move that he so much wanted.

    All the while she tells him “It’s a girl” XD
    I wonder if at the end she will find out that the girl is the Evangeline of the past time

    Then, has that book a skill to beat Fate? seriously?

    The book “Kirie’s Embarassing secrets” hahaha X’D Poor Kirie. her expression to see the book. (How does Dana know her embarassing secrets? lol)
    “Kuroumaru Book of secrets” It also seems interesting

    Kirie wants to help him only to burn the book (who knows the secrets that her hidden, I don’t know if some secret will be shown)

    I wonder if when Touta meets with Evangeline, she will be with Chachazero that we knew in Negima.

    At the end of all this. I think that it will be an emotional farewell between Touta and the Evangeline of the past time

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      287 years, she will continue to remember him for 287 years!

      No doubt.

      I wonder if when Touta meets with Evangeline, she will be with Chachazero that we knew in Negima.

      In theory, she should.

  3. jeffers says:

    Damn guess i miss out on reading this, Thx Crunchyroll,,,,,,,,

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Never fear — for the brief time it was up (and it STILL isn’t up as of this posting), people saved it off and uploaded it to pirate sites. 😉

  4. mattcgw says:

    What possible secret’s could kuromaru have? I hope the contents are miscellaneous.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m not sure that Kuroumaru’s book of secrets is a book of Kuroumaru’s secrets. It might be secrets that would help Kuroumaru.

  5. shadowofthevoid says:

    WTF is going on with Crunchyroll? The new chapter still wasn’t up last I checked. I ended up finding it on a thread at 4chan after being redirected there by a post on Reddit.

    Anwho, good chapter. I’ve been saving my overall thoughts on this arc for after it’s over, which is why I haven’t commented much lately.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      WTF is going on with Crunchyroll? The new chapter still wasn’t up last I checked.

      And it still isn’t up. Folks need to start hammering Crunchyroll about this.

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  7. Alliriyan says:

    It seems that Dana staying up all night to write the instruction books could have prevented Eva’s 40 year visit- talk about harsh. I hope they will use resets to allow everyone to read their books, or the first-come-first-served is a bluff.

    Okay, so, here is the translation of the Chinese timeline. It seems to be an unofficial one placing Eva’s age at exactly 700 and working backwards from there.

    1386 (0 years old) – Eva born

    1396 (10 years old) – Eva’s tenth birthday, was transformed into a vampire by magic

    1402 (16 years?) – has been caught by Dana and brought into the Rift castle under house arrest

    – (N days) Meets Touta for the first time, Eva lets Touta see her attempt to kill the sleeping Dana

    – (N days) Meets Touta a second time, drinks her fill of Touta’s blood

    – (N days) Meets Touta the third time, explains the purpose of his internal training [magic duality]

    – (N days) Meets Touta the fourth time, shows him a street performance, helps him train

    – (N days) Meets Touta the fifth time, he peers into her past memories as she sleeps, Touta confesses

    1404 (18 years?) – (2 years) Meets Touta the sixth time, Eva puppeteers dolls for Touta to spar with, wants to say farewell but her time is up

    1412 (26 years?) – (8 years) Meets Touta the seventh time, Eva prepares afternoon tea, lets Touta stroke her head in farewell

    [[1452 (66 years old confirmed in manga) — doesn’t manage to see Touta]]

    1492 (106 years old) – Eva takes Karin away from her village [I guess she gets let out occasionally?]

    [[1739 (353 years old) – probably manages to see Touta after his find the box test?]]

    1903 (517 years old) – Eva comes to Japan, [studies aikido with a certain fat uncle???]

    1988 (602 years old) – Eva encounters Nagi. Within the same year, Nagi places her under the Infernus Scholasticus curse.

    2003 (617 years old)
    – (February) Negi comes to teach at Mahora, Mahou Sensei Negima begins
    – (August) Ala Alba goes to Mundus Magicus arc, and later the disturbance reaches Mahora so Eva also goes, [destroys all the Fates? Hard to decipher, literally says she blows up the shadow/reflection Lifemakers], Mahou Sensei Negima series ends

    2004 (618 years old) – Asuna goes to sleep

    2013 – existence of Mundus Magicus publicised

    2065 (679 years) – Eva and Negi are waiting for a large group of Negima characters (they all seem rather young at this time?) — [I believe this is Nagumo’s flashback]
    Goes to the Maze of the Night [?] on Mars to kill the Lifemaker. Negi dies in the same year。

    2084 (698 years old) – Touta’s parents die, Eva lives with Touta for the next two years.

    2086 (700 years old) – Touta awakens as an immortal vampire, Touta and Eva return to UQ Holder HQ.

    2100? Mars War of Independence begins (Chao said she wanted to change the Martian War of Independence [Timeline A], so she must be a person from that time, don’t know if there’s any relation to Touta and Negi, should be the next generation after Touta)

    2135 (749 years old) Asuna wakes up, Eva (still looking for Nagi) and Chao take Asuna back to the past together [Timeline C], the timeline changes

    # And now my degree is not for naught!

    • Seimei says:

      Woah the chineses fans did a very good job ! And you too!^^

      Ah ok for you:

      Timeline A (bad ending) = World of Chao
      Timeline B (moderate happy / normal / neutral / canonic ending (Asuna sealed)) = Negima (without the epilogue) + UQ Holder
      Chronology C ( very happy / perfect) ending= Negima with the epilogue (without UQ Holder)

      Ok there was clearer. ^^ I add that Chao did not prevent the “Martian War of Independence” (which lasts only 30 years from 2100 to 2130) but the magic anti-war held in its original world after the collapse of magicus mundus (from 2012) and still continues in his time (2100) it was therefore a much-more devastating and long war, which he must add the persecution against mages.

      The war of Martian independence is Priory, only a war for geopolitical goals trivial and more it was much shorter. These two wars have nothing to do with each other I think. ^^

      Last precision in the Timeline B magic (and also the magicus Mundus) is revealed to the world in 2075, not in 2013.

      • Alliriyan says:

        Yeah I was going to add a note that I was sure magic was revealed later in timeline B, but I didn’t have time to double-check everything. Anyway we can edit it to perfection and stick it in a later post, perhaps. There were a few parts I couldn’t translate and just went with what I knew/what was on the wiki (such as the aikido thing?)

    • magine says:

      Thank you very much for the translation!! 🙂

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Here’s the problem — Dana’s Rift Castle allows her to emerge at any point in time and space. As such, Eva could be in the castle for 300 years, then get deposited on Mars, or deposited 100 years after she was taken, or even theoretically deposited before she was even born.

  8. NPA says:

    According to this, Ken will answer who Negi chose in UQ holder (at least hopefully):

  9. Mattcgw says:

    I’m still wondering if the Mars civil war/independence, if it appears in holder will be caused by a crises of succession. By one of the Inverse Mars monarchy’s.

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