Spotted Flower Chapter 15 Manga Review (The power of shimapan!)

Spotted Flower Chapter 15 (Manga)
Spotted Flower manga chapter 15 review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Spotted Flower Chapter 15NOTE: For the purposes of this and future reviews, until the characters are given names, I will call the “not Saki” woman “Oku-san” (a term for a wife) and I’ll refer to the “not Madarame” guy as “Dannasan” (a term for a husband).

Oku-san continues her plan to seduce her husband after receiving a package from Amazon. She checks to make sure he doesn’t have a new porn game, though she figured he didn’t since he hadn’t received anything from Amazon of late. Her baby kicking in her womb has her asking the baby to wait a little while longer before being born.

Sometime later, two packages arrive, a flat one for her, and a larger one for Danna-san, which appears to be the size and shape of the porn game packages he usually receives. She’s highly irritated by this, but that evening, she hands him his package. She ends up insisting she see what’s in the package, so he shows her the contents, which is a striped bra and panties (shimapan).

He explains that she threw out the shimapan he had for her last time, so he read online that if a girl gets matching panties and bra, they are OK with the stripes. She gets angry with him, demanding he throw them out.

The next day after Danna-san goes to work, Oku-san opens her package, frustrated that he’d bought the same thing she’d purchased to entice him — shimapan.


I couldn’t help but be amused by our !Saki character’s latest attempt to seduce the !Madarame character. All that planning for naught, apparently.

Considering how well she knows what kind of item her husband has purchased, based on the weight and size of the package, it really is amazing that she sticks with him. Even though this chapter amused me, at the same time, I’m thinking, “So, when does she say, ‘enough is enough’ and divorces him?”

I wonder when !Madarame was planning to give the striped bra and panties to !Saki. He knew she’d react the way she did, but he tried it anyway.

And yet despite how !Saki went off on !Madarame for buying her something she says was disgusting, buying shimapan was part of her seduction scheme. I wonder if she’ll still go forward with that plan.

Spotted Flower Chapter 15

I guess !Saki is close to her due date. I wonder how this manga will go after she gives birth. Although the whole schtick for Spotted Flower has been the pregnant wife trying to entice her otaku husband, I’d kinda like to see this glimpse into their life after the arrival of a little one.

In the end, this was a pretty humorous chapter. Oooo! I see there’s another one out there for me. 😀

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