Paradise Residence Chapter 16 Manga Review (Out on a bike adventure.)

Paradise Residence Chapter 16 Manga
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 16

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 16 Suzuka helps Hatsune’s little brother, Hikaru, with his summer homework. Hatsune comes in, having seen Hikaru look at Suzuka’s cleavage and tricks him into admitting that this is where he was looking.

Hatsune says her dad has a motorcycle Suzuka can borrow. It is an off-road style Honda CC110 Cross Cub scooter. Suzuka says she’s never driven on public roads, so Hatsune says this can be her first time. Suzuka says she doesn’t have a helmet or gloves, so Hatsune’s mom cheerfully lends her a helmet, gloves, and jacket, encouraging her to take a chance and stating how she trusts Hatsune to get Suzuka back OK.

After Hatsune’s mom scolds her husband for checking out Suzuka’s bust, she gives Suzuka a quick rundown on the gears and such of the scooter. She follows Hatsune out to the neighborhood road before going to the highway. The two get off the highway and are at a stoplight. Suzuka remarks on how much fun bikes are, so Hatsune reminds her that when you just get used to a bike is also the most dangerous time.

When the light goes green, Suzuka accidentally does things so that she pops a wheelie. They get to the side of the road where Hatsune helps Suzuka calm down. Hatsune explains what Suzuka did wrong, so Suzuka says she’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again. Hatsune is worried that Suzuka hates bikes now, but Suzuka says there’s no way she would since this is an adventure.

The two hit the road again and end up heading into the country where they ultimately end up at a stream to dip their feet in the water and enjoy the adventure.


As chapters go, this one was more in line with the “a day in the life of” adventure than a lot of the chapters of late have been. Paradise Residence is a school-themed, slice of life, comedy-adventure series, but the meandering pace of the chapter really brought out that Fujishima-sensei really didn’t have a specific story to tell, but thought it would be nice to draw teen babes on bikes.

Paradise Residence Chapter 16

Fujishima-sensei has always delighted in drawing vehicles of various types. The off-road style Honda CC110 Cross Cub scooter worked well for the chapter. It is a nice beginner-type bike for Suzuka to get her public road experience on, yet has a stylish ruggedness that looks pretty cool. I wonder if he owns one of these.

The only humor in the chapter came from Hikaru’s hormones kicking in so that he’s gawking at Suzuka’s cleavage, whereupon he gets busted by Hatsune. Considering how heavily Fujishima-sensei services Suzuka at times, she must be his favorite girl of the group.

When the chapter ended, there was a note stating that there were soon to be issues waiting for them back at the dorm. As such, it seems that the next chapter goes back to the more traditional adventure stories we’ve seen from Paradise Residence.

In the end, this chapter is one about nothing, but that’s not a bad thing. It is mostly just a meandering tale of two friends and their bikes.

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