Paradise Residence Chapter 18 Manga Review (Welcome to Paradise Residence!)

Paradise Residence Chapter 18 Manga
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 18

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 18Ominato-sensei breaks the bad news to the members of Dorm #1. Initially, Hatsune thinks getting a brand new dorm is good since it will silence Nyuutabaru, but then reconsiders after realizing she’d miss so many things about the old dorm. Ominato-sensei’s sympathies lie with the girls since the dorm is special to her, but she is powerless to stop it. However, she does advise the girls to fight for want they want, providing they keep things legal.

After Ominato-sensei leaves, the girls discuss the situation when Suzuka has a plan. As such, Komatsu has a meeting with the Substitute Director to invite her to the dorm. The Substitute Director reluctantly agrees and is escorted to the dorm by Komatsu. They are met by Tachiarai, flanked by Suzuka and Hatsune. Tachiarai turns on the charm, but since the Substitute Director was prepared for it, she resisted it. Komatsu gives the Substitute Director a tour of the Meiji Era (1868 to 1912) dorm before sitting down with Komatsu to have tea.

The Substitute Director finds the tea to be quite good and thinks it is due to the water. Hatsune confirms this as Suzuka and Komatsu say that Tachibana-sama loved it. The Substitute Director wonders who Tachibana-sama is when a wind blows and the image of an elaborate kimono appears behind her. When she asks about the wind, Komatsu says it is the Wind of Tachibana. As she starts to inquire further, Neopan bites the Substitute Director, angering her and causing her to vow to destroy the dorm as she storms off.


This is the first time we got an age of the dorm. On one hand, it adds to the Substitute Director’s idea about replacing the dorm with something modern. On the other hand, a building of the Meiji Era would seem to have historical and cultural value, so I can see the former Director not wanting to get rid of it.

I liked Suzuka’s plan to use charm to try to show the Substitute Director that even if their dorm is old, there’s still value. Of course, allowing the plan to succeed would not allow for a story arc to happen, so we get Neopan biting her in the leg so that the girls will have to come up with Plan B.

Paradise Residence Chapter 18

This chapter seemingly is adding a supernatural element to the story. Well, if it is set in the same world as Ah! My Goddess, then that would not be unexpected. Regardless, we have this ghost woman named Tachibana, whom the girls address with the sama honorific, who is apparently represented by the elaborate kimono when the wind blew behind the Substitute Director.

I suppose the cool breeze the Substitute Director felt on the way up the hill, combined with the Wind of Tachibana is the reason Ominato-sensei thinks they don’t need A/C at the dorm. As I said before, I don’t care, I’d still want my A/C. 😛

Finally, I was amused that Fujishima-sensei had Ominato-sensei appear in the splash page, removing the ribbon from her hair that keeps it in a bun. I guess he wants us to know that she’s quite a sexy woman, when she gets behind closed doors, and she lets her hair hang down. 😉

In the end, this was a fun chapter. We’ll see how things go from here.

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