UQ Holder Chapter 111 Manga Review (“…somebody’s watching me!”)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 111

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 111Mizore, Touta, and Shinobu are in Shin Tokyo due to the combination celebration of the Neo Olympics and the Mahora Festival. They are tailed by Kuroumaru, Kirie, Santa, Karin, and Ikkuu, with Kirie and Karin keeping a close eye on Touta, Mizore, and Shinobu. Mizore is explaining how that because Jakarta, the home of the Neo Olympics, has not acknowledged the lifting of the ban on magic in events, Shin Tokyo will have the Secret Neo Olympic events that will allow magic.

With all of the information Mizore has, Karin remarks on how knowledgeable she is, not only about the Neo Olympics, but also on the abilities of the so called Masters of the Underworld. To everyone’s surprise, Mizore says she knows all this due to her family sponsoring the Mahora Martial Arts Tournament and coming up with the idea of the Secret Neo Olympics. Her knowledge about folks like Karin and company come from her grandmother, leading Karin to realize she needs to keep close tabs on Mizore.

Mizore then asks Touta what he will do. He takes her outstretched hand, so she starts to flip him. However, he turns tables on her so that she ends up in his arms in the “princess carry” position. With that, he vows to win all his matches and climb the tower.

When Kirie makes a fuss over how Touta is holding Mizore, which leads Mizore into baiting Kirie to vow to also sponsor the event. When Mizore decides to take Touta away for further chats, Kirie’s protests causes Mizore to again tease Kirie on whether she likes Touta or not. When she denies it, Mizore thinks she has a win, but Touta reminds her that he’s promised everyone to do things. A squabble breaks out between Mizore, Kirie, Shinobu, and Kuroumaru as Karin holds herself back.

The bickering stops when Yukihime arrives and summons Touta, who immediately rushes to her side. As Mizore, Kirie, Shinobu, and Kuroumaru watch them walk away and discuss how Touta goes to Yukihime like a puppy, above and behind them in the distance are KONOE Isana and KONOE Honoka, who’ve spotted Touta.


While this chapter brings together the Neo Olympic thread started at the beginning of the manga, and combines it with the almost forgotten Mahora Tournament thread, I note that Akamatsu-sensei has not abandoned the harem hijinks.


UQ Holder Chapter 111

😆 I find it funny that Karin and Kirie are the ones all worried about Touta being with Shinobu and Mizore. I am a bit disappointed that Kuroumaru isn’t looking that way too. I’d be a bit concerned that Akamatsu-sensei is going to put Kuroumaru’s romantic feelings as a girl on the shelf, but he had Kuroumaru join in the scrum. So there’s still hope for Kuroumaru. 😉

Mizore is awesomeness. Sorry for those of you who might disagree, but her introduction into the manga is actually proving quite enjoyable to me. I’ve mentioned this before, but I love the fact that she doesn’t get jealous of Touta being around other girls. As far as she’s concerned, Touta is her husband to be and these other girls, no matter how flirty, are no threat to her.

Add to this the fact that she stirs the harem element pot of the manga. I laughed out loud when Mizore grabs Touta to run and get some food stand foods (like a hot dog — something she’s apparently never had before), which causes Kuroumaru, Kirie, and Karin to race after them. 😆

Speaking of Karin, she may have held back from that final scrum, but you could just see that there was a part of her that wanted get in there too. There’s no need to hold back, Karin-chan. Go in there and show those younger girls how Onee-san does things. 😉

And then there’s Isana and Honoka. I don’t think it is a stretch to say they are probably pure clones of Setsuna and Konoka. I’m not sure how they will get to meet with Touta. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mizore knows them, based on how much knowledge she seems to have. And I expect that they too will end up being in the harem. Bwah!ha!ha!ha! (It is one of those nights, so you’ll have to forgive my silliness. 😛 )

UQ Holder Chapter 111

I wonder if Eva got told about Isana and Honoka coming to Earth to meet Touta (or otherwise became aware of the information). It would explain why she suddenly needed to talk to him. (Though to be fair, that’s just sheer speculation on my part as there are any number of reasons for Eva to want to yack at Touta.)

As an aside, am I wrong, or is this the first time that Eva, as Yukihime, has worn an outfit other than that tight, short skirt with the tight, button down blouse? As Eva (including Kitty), we’ve seen her in lots of costumes, but as Yukihime, discounting the time she used ME to fight Fate, she’s always worn the same outfit…I think.

Finally, it was interesting to learn that there are three space elevators going to the same to the same East Asia Geostationary Orbit Station. One coming from Jakarta, Shin Tokyo, and New Sydney. I’m not sure if that’s something actually feasible. Having a space elevator in Japan is pushing it since space elevators need to be built near the equator.

In the end, Mizore stole the show on this chapter, allowing for some fun harem hijinks as well as laying out the groundwork for the combined Neo Olympic and Mahora Festival story threads.

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  1. NT says:

    You know… I have a very weird feeling that there is some foreshadowing to Mizore.. as in what if she is actually a really powerful mage? I also wonder if she actually noticed the Konoe twins? at least that how i thought the panel looked.

    Maybe Eva is going to introduce Touta to Al maybe? haha.

    or.. I wonder if thos etwo girls actually want to kidnap him to figure out what the deal is maybe? and maybe, Eva is going to allow him to do it because she likes to sometimes throw people into the fire? Well, he has to learn about his relatives(?) at some point.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I also wonder if she actually noticed the Konoe twins? at least that how i thought the panel looked.

      Initially, I wondered that as well. However, after looking at it more closely, I think Mizore is still looking at Touta and Yukihime. It would be cool if Mizore sensed the Konoe girls.

      or.. I wonder if thos etwo girls actually want to kidnap him to figure out what the deal is maybe?

      Actually, I think there’s a decent chance of this.

    • sanchi says:

      Eva with a new look — mmmm — I’m hopefully speculating that its time for Eva to train Tota in the use of Magia Erebea. She may be wearing what she will do battle in under her top and pants too. Maybe a preview peek at it.

      I was thinking of what NT was saying about Mizore and it made me speculate or ponder the possibility — there is another older/taller long haired blonde from the group color pic that is in closer to the middle. Mizore appears to know quite a bit of information, could she be hiding her age too? Is that her in another ‘older’ form in the group pic? The hair is very close but without the ribbons. Then again it could be the limits to Akamatsu’s drawing ability too.

      It was what Mizore said – page 10 – and I’m not sure if Mizore was responding to Karin’s question and directing the answer to Karin or also to Tota..

      Karin: You’re certainly informed about this tournament and about OUR ABILITIES.

      Mizore: But of course I am. My family’s Yukihiro Conglomerate is financing the Mahora Martial Arts Tournament. Additionally, it was our idea to hold the secret Neo-Olympics.

      [Here is where I got interested]

      Mizore: As for what I know about YOU, My Dear Grandmother has told me ALL about you.

      Karin seriously thinking: This girl. I’m going to need to keep a sharper eye on her than I thought.

  2. DerIsana&HonokahughugGilga says:

    The centre of mass of a space elevator has to be a) at or above the geostationary orbit b) in the equatorial plane. New Sidney can be seen as a counterpoint to New Tokyo while Jakarta is the natural base station. Way more realistic than a pure New Tokyo space elevator, but still pushing it.

    Kurou doesn’t have to be concerned about Touta because she is already his parter for eternity! *43.33% wishful thinking*

    post scriptum
    hug hug 😀

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Hmmmm…interesting information on the space elevator stuff. Thanks for that. 🙂

      Kurou doesn’t have to be concerned about Touta because she is already his parter for eternity! *43.33% wishful thinking*

      *lol* OK, I’ll give you that one. 😀

  3. NML says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing some returning characters since that’s always the fun of tournament arcs. I hope we see Kaito.

    Hmm, I believe that when Santa hacked the UQ Holder database, it said that Touta was born in the East-Asia Station. Maybe the reason he feels inexplicably drawn to the tower is because it’s birthplace(is “birth” the right word for a clone?)

  4. YukiRoku says:

    I wonder Yukihime withdraw the tournament and give Tota the right to enter main tournament. well I hope not

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, if Eva thinks Negi is going to be there somehow, then one would think she’d be in. We’ll see though.

  5. sanchi says:

    I thought the focus was going to be on Shinobu, but this short chapter covers Mizore’s ship and actually more about her background. I know she was from a rich family via Ayaka, and we now know there’s more invested into the tournament. I think it does bother her but she doesn’t show it fully, and knows about the other girls grab for Tota. I think I see a passive aggressive strategy by Mizore dominating Tota’s time and taking the lead before anyone in romancing Tota, a spark of jealousy on Mizore’s face when she challenges Kirie, and her smile of satisfaction when Kirie takes the usual “I’m not interested”. She has that un-expected shock look when Tota runs to Yukihime, and wonders what is going on, I thought those two were done comment. It wasn’t a happy face when the frame begins to move to the Konoe twins. I also have a feeling like NT says, where Mizore isn’t showing all her ability yet.

    Loved the look on Kirie and Karin on the double page! Karin has things again under control, but yeah, its eating her up inside by not taking any action probably, but her instincts is to watch from a distance, again so no vulnerability is revealed about her, esp in a public area. For Kirie… well that’s her. Her denial isn’t fooling anyone.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      There’s no doubt that Mizore knows the other girls are interested in Touta, but she’s not following cliched routes of being jealous and getting stupid over it. That’s what I liked.

      As to Karin and Kirie, I agree with ya. ^_^

  6. Aki says:

    Chi I setsuna and konoka, clones or descendants? Either way it good to get some familiar faces.

    I wonder if Eva and Touta will a pactio

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Akamatsu-sensei has all but kept the pactio system out of UQH. I think the only reason he had Ayaka flash her card is to confirm her identity since she is so old now.

  7. Seimei says:

    My God! This is the first time in a while (since the end of the arc of Dana castle actually ^^) that I love as much a chapter of UQ! FINALLY tournament’s arc starts !!! And it will be AWESOME, I feel it^^.

    There are 2 things that stand out in this chapter:
    1. Mizore: I can not believe that this character I could not stand there just two chapters back up as much in my esteem! She just has so much class and info! And the fact that she appears to know so much, let me predict that it will be a great help in terms of logistics in the future for the war against life-maker (which could start during the tournament though, as I think, he will participates).

    2. Konoe twins: when I saw them mentioned in the spoilers I was afraid that we have still a mini harem arc but my fears were swept away! On the one hand because their appearance feels the class 10 km radius (they wear coats classes, and above all, their appearance is on a high place, that what may seem annodin but kind of introduction is usually reserved for important characters) and other hand because this chapter provides continuation to romance (the little tussle with kirie) while making his way to the main story, this is a perfect blend. And that I like. So we could have a simultaneous development of the action and the romance as during the Dana’s arc. And it is 10,000 times better than a whole arc centered on the harem in my opinion.

    Next chapter, quickly, QUICKLY!!!^^

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Konoe twins: when I saw them mentioned in the spoilers I was afraid that we have still a mini harem arc but my fears were swept away!

      That may have just started. 😉

  8. dominic says:

    Maybe she want Tell him who is his sister

  9. Setsuyume Edenfault says:


    1- Yeah Astro, Mizore chan is awesomeness! Whether giving information, teasing Kirie openly like that, or just being plain cute (“He really is my Darling S2″… awwww lol) I just didn’t like Karin’s awareness of her… I find it hard to believe Mizore-chan would be an antagonist, but still…

    2- Yes, I also got a little surprised at Kuroumaru’s “not looking” attitude. Well, she is battle buddies with Touta, so she will definitely not leave the spotlight (or so I hope);

    3- For the first time in history, the true masters come out of the shadows! I am wondering if we’ll see the reactions from Touta’s (former?) classmates… Akamatsu really put their school life aside, too bad.

    4- As for the “clones”… well, we’ll see. Some Negima information, I hope!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think that there’s no way for Isana and Honoka to look identical to Setsuna and Konoka without being clones. Plus, they may have been the experiments that ultimately lead to the creation of the homunculus that is Touta.

  10. andmeuths says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Mizore is no more the grand-daughter of Ayaka, than Touta Konoe is the Grandson of Negi Springfield. In other words, Mizore is a clone of Ayaka, possibly modified for greater magical and Kii capabilities and a longer life-span, perhaps even carrying some of Negi Springfield genetic material, as one of the “failed” attempts to pass on the Great Magister’s abilities.

    If this is true, and Isana and Honoka are also clones of Setsuna and Konoe, it makes me wonder why we have so many clone of the core members of the original Ala Alba, so close to one another in terms of age. But, that is for now, a speculation.

    Also, here’s a crack theory: Kirie is also another one of the “failed” attempts to recreate Negi’s Springfields’ powers in a clone. She essentially is a clone produced using Chisame as the base, and Negi Springfield, as the source of magical-gene modifications. Which explains why Kirie has the potential to be a first rate Mage – Springfield blood runs in her. Her horrific conditions growing up, was due to her status as a “failure”.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      In other words, Mizore is a clone of Ayaka,

      I agree that this is a strong possibility.

      As to your Kirie theory, it is interesting, but how did she wind up with her neglectful family?

  11. LoneWolfx03 says:

    In my opinion, the twins are most probably Touta’s clone sibling due to their last name. Even though this question is not significant, I just want to know who the heck are Touta’s Parents true identities? I mean… I know they are the two Konoes (doctor… scientist… whatever!) and we already know that Touta is just a clone but something is fishy about them. My senses are telling me that there REALLY is a connection between all of them that I can’t brush it off…

    To tell you the truth, I stop buying UQ! Holder manga (I only have Volumes 1and 2) because of the disappointment. As a Negima Fan and a KonoSetsu Shipper, this is getting interesting. I don’t mind continuing buying again. I might give it a chance depending on how it develops.

    LoneWolfx03 -]===-

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      As to Touta’s parents, I suspect that will be hidden from us for a long while to come.

      I’ve continued to buy the manga, even though I have access to it on Crunchyroll. I love books though.

  12. Mz says:

    Mahora Festival BANZAI!!!! \?/

  13. arimareiji says:

    Mizore then asks Touta what he will do. He takes her outstretched hand, so she starts to flip him. However, he turns tables on her so that she ends up in his arms in the “princess carry” position.

    It’s a trivial point, but from his “Heh.” and the SFX left behind where he was standing, I think the jump was actually his idea. (I’m guessing he was showing off in response to her challenge.)

    It seemed a bit silly, but it’s all good once you’ve already thrown physics (Japanese space elevator) and proportion (Magic Olympics where people jump for kilometers) out the window. (^_~)

    I note that Akamatsu-sensei has not abandoned the harem hijinks.

    My apologies for the negativity, but I still think it’s sad to see Sensei going from something he does extremely well (relationships between people that feel real and heartwarming, even under ridiculous/comedic premises) to shounen-style wish-fulfilment (aka Marty Stu by proxy). The style change runs all the way through UQH, but by far the place where it’s most obvious is in the harem dynamics.

    Compare and contrast UQH’s chapter 111 to MSN 37*, possibly the most ridiculous harem antics in the entire manga and only a third as far along. In UQH 111, we’re mostly still at the squabble stage, funny though it is. In MSN 37, the dynamics between Nodoka, Yue, and Negi are already so much more sophisticated, believable, and heartwarming than anything we see in UQH 111 that it’s painful. (・᷄︵・᷅)

    * – On a tangent, my first choice to compare was actually MSN 111… both 37 and 111 were completely arbitrary choices based on 111=111, then 111=37*3. The harem dynamics of MSN 111 were too far on the back burner to make a good comparison, but it’s still interesting to contrast the sophistication/consistency of the fighting styles and magic: UQH suffers badly by comparison even in its own genre. (◞‸ლ) Not to mention the comedy – MSN 111 has some literal LOL moments, even seeing it the second time. (^_^) To me, most of UQH’s comedy to date has been either weak by comparison or unintentional.

    I find it funny that Karin and Kirie are the ones all worried about Touta being with Shinobu and Mizore. I am a bit disappointed that Kuroumaru isn’t looking that way too.

    For once, I may be looking at it in a more positive light? Wow. (^_~)

    I’m genuinely glad to see that at least one person is starting to grow beyond the beginning stages: Getting Off on the Wrong Foot, Denial, and Squabble. Once Kuroumaru gets through Understanding One’s Self, the next few stages (Getting to Know You, Getting to Know Them, Big Misunderstanding 1, and Getting to Know You Better) will be a relief.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      It’s a trivial point, but from his “Heh.” and the SFX left behind where he was standing, I think the jump was actually his idea. (I’m guessing he was showing off in response to her challenge.)

      Yeah, I think you are right.

      It seemed a bit silly, but it’s all good once you’ve already thrown physics (Japanese space elevator) and proportion (Magic Olympics where people jump for kilometers) out the window. (^_~)

      Heh! True. 😛

      On the harem stuff, I still believe that it wasn’t originally part of the plan for UQH. However, since UQH isn’t doing as well as Negima (and I blame that on Akamatsu-sensei not writing a tight script for UQH, unlike Negima which had a tight story for the most part). So harem antics and fanservice are cheap methods to bump sales.

      • Rob C. says:

        Do you think sales are that bad for Akamatsu-sensei’s UQ Holder? I know it’s started off nothing like Negima. But i would find it weird that fans in Japan want more of the same-old harem theme going on again.

        Comment earlier regarding Touta’s attraction to the tower makes degree of sense. Was it fate (no pun intended) that lead those scientists drive away from the tower and to Earth’s back country to keep Touta safe? He maybe arguably most successful version of Negima (or failure) of whoever trying recreate Negi but go through the trouble seem odd.

        The sisters which have same surname as Touta is interesting. I’m curious if their part of Touta’s family, or their legitimate daughters via science/magic of Negi’s two yuri/marriaged couple of his class. I’m curious to see how they react to Kuroumaru, since he/she is essentially same breed of demi-human as one of them. Unless that long since gone. To be me thou, sisters seem to be actually girls (so far) vs gender neutral.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          This came up in a discussion on 2ch. I believe these are Japanese sales figures. (Someone who knows Japanese can correct me if I’m wrong.)


          │ 初動 (日).│ 2週計| 3週計| 4週計| 5週計┃ 累計 (日数)┃ 発売日.│タイトル
          │*65505 (6)│——│——│——│——┃*65,505 (**6)┃2013/12|UQ HOLDER! 1
          │*73127 (7)│——│——│——│——┃*73,127 (**7)┃2014/03|UQ HOLDER! 2
          │*71711 (6)│*93326│——│——│——┃*93,326 (*13)┃2014/06|UQ HOLDER! 3
          │*62836 (5)│*87795│——│——│——┃*87,795 (*12)┃2014/09|UQ HOLDER! 4
          │*63247 (5)│——│——│——│——┃*63,247 (**5)┃2014/12|UQ HOLDER! 5
          │*66563 (6)│——│——│——│——┃*66,563 (**6)┃2015/03|UQ HOLDER! 6
          │*71546 (5)│*96470│——│——│——┃*96,470 (*12)┃2015/06|UQ HOLDER! 7
          │*59952 (4)│*92988│——│——│——┃*92,988 (*11)┃2015/09|UQ HOLDER! 8
          │*58768 (4)│*90041│——│——│——┃*90,041 (*11)┃2015/12|UQ HOLDER! 9

          No comparison stuff to Negima, but Negima had much larger sales numbers than UQH.

          To be me thou, sisters seem to be actually girls (so far) vs gender neutral.

          I think they are. After all, Setsuna and Konoka were both girls. Setsuna was only hanyou, so her human half may have been the element that gave her gender from the start (assuming she’s the same race as Kuroumaru).

          • Rob C. says:

            I hope those sales are enough keep series going or we’ll be seeing a rather rush ending.

            I don’t think it will, but from numbers makes me wonder. 90 thousand copies is a lot, but there more people in Japan who are fan I’d imagine.

            Frankly the less rigid story arc and perhaps lack of Negima himself ( rather hate say that’s the reason) maybe t blame for it. I absolutely think i could be wrong on that issue.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Well, sales are down in Japan compared to Negima. I think that’s why there was an increase in fanservice, the creation of the harem, and more inclusion of Negima elements. I don’t mind the later at all, since it is set in the same multi-verse.

  14. mattcgw says:

    Well I really liked this chapter and mizore, she’s a combination of early frantic Ayaka and Asuna’s: trying to seduce Takahata phase.

    Plus side; I can say with confidence that this is the best chapter in UQ Holder thus far. It feels that Ken has got mojo back and that this series will not be such a slog. Down side; I couldn’t recommend UQ Holder to anyone as it takes 12 volumes to get going which is way too long.

    As well as, the positive attributes for this chapter and arc. Stem from Sensei recycling his best arc if his best work into a far lesser work. Wealth flowing down from the very top to bottom, is a rather good analogy for the phenomenon set before us.

    If the Koneo Twins were to be straight clones of their respectives, it raises a significant amount of red flags as to the advancement of xenobiology or inverse Biology. Theirs no definitive term in the series.

    Considering that Setsuna was a unique Hanyō/hybrid, any attempt of cloning her scientifically without the use of an organic womb, while using test tubes. Would hit significant obstacles, EG the difference in chromosomes, mules have 63. Uzukó’s are suppose to have a bird head and limbs.

    The lacking of a chromosome in humans beset’s them with Down Syndrome and other kinds of health problems, their is no possible way (they) made a full body clone on the first attempt without any Complications.
    Trial and error is mandatory in new Sciences, Konoka would never allow for all that life to be terminated! Simply so she and Setsuna could have a set of super blue blooded designer Twins.
    Tetrium would without a second thought, but Konoka is a healer it is completely contradictory to her nature.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      It feels that Ken has got mojo back and that this series will not be such a slog.

      Maybe. It depends on how tightly he decides to write things, or if he still wants to write in a meandering fashion. But Akamatsu-sensei is a master of the harem genre, so it isn’t surprising that he’s pulling this off.

      Regarding cloning, I suspect that it wasn’t just a scientific thing, but rather a combination of science and magic. After all, if Touta is the homunculus, then Isana and Honoka may have been test cases to create Touta.

      • Mattcgw says:

        Still a lot of trial and error with defective clones. Or Konoka went Shinto and washed her face. If anyone could do that it would be Konoka.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          By “defective clone,” are you talking about Touta? He’s been called a defective copy, but if he’s a homunculus, then he’s probably not a copy in the sense of a clone, but rather a copy in the sense of trying to copy Negi’s powers.

    • DerGilga says:

      Not a biologist, but isn’t be the number of chromosomes one of the things which should not be a problem in cloning per definition? Assuming Setsuna herself was totally healthy.

      • mattcgw says:

        @DerGilga True, but look how long it took to clone sheep successfully without any defects and a normal enough life span. A mammal that has been cultivated and known to humans for thousands of years.
        Now, imagine the period of time required to understand a new species well enough to clone it. Let alone a whole new Avian-Human race, that has a subspecies that can freely change sex up to full sexual maturity (16) as well as another that can fly and interbreed with
        It would take decades and more than just the elite few who were privy to the existence by their respective Governments, to a secret dimension where magic and magical creatures exist.

        Which is why I would challenge the idea of Isana being a straight one-for-one clone Setsuna via test tub, without using an organic womb to bring her/them (Isana and Honoka) past the Zygote stage. Due to the required comprehension for Avian-Human biology needing decades (as mentioned above) and the additional Decades required for Hybrids of just one Species cross.

        Science by nature is trial and error in the pursuit of a hypothesis. Whether it is variations in a formula or repeated cloning attempts.

        Although, I do not see Alchemy as a proxy for the end result. Fullmetal Alchemist Homunculi are not an accurate representation of standard Homunculi.

      • DerGilga says:

        So, if the number of chromosome plays no role, why bring up such a point in the first place?

        Well, the history of cloning is actually only a bit more than 100 years old:

        Again not a biologist, but to my understanding the important part in current research is the development of the methodology itself. The reasons why humans use well understood species, like sheep or mules, at first is to eliminate as many unknown factors as possible. One attempted goal is the cloning of extinct species like mammoths which humans can only have limited to non knowledge about.

        If in the UQ-timeline cloning technology reached the point where human cloning became a well understood and established procedure, then cloning of genetically close being shouldn’t be a large problem.

        • Mattcgw says:

          @DerGilga My continuing mentioning chromosomes, is simply to enforce the point that the science of cloning is still quite in its infancy, especially with mammals. And health issues would be certainly. EG missing Chromosomes or white blood cell deficiency, ECT.

          However, the identical cloning of near human species or hybrid’s, depends on having equal familiarity them as humans or livestock. Kuromaru mentions that his Avian species is almost unheard-of. After a decade of magical species being revealed and immigration to mars by the elite lasting up 3 generations.

          If Isana is simply a human clone with the yokai aspects being gene edited out, and not a clone of a Hybrid. Then I would be far more inclined to belive that reproduction Technology has come as far; as it has been implied.

        • DerGilga says:

          especially with mammals

          What? Most species cloned so far were mammals. How can you miss a chromosome in cloning?

          The little research I done on this topics tells me that the important part is knowledge about the cell structure and how to reproduce the conditions of the original stem cells of a species.
          If we are using actual science on this topic, then Yokais and Demons would have to be considered part of the hominoidea family to be even able to produce hybrids with humans naturally. And given that there is at least on confirmed case and I don’t think that Akamatsu would make Setsuna or Mana sterile, strictly speaking Yokai and Demons are biologically part of the human species.

          Your last part confuses me. Unless I’m misunderstanding, you’re surgesting that a modifed clone of Setsuna would be easier than a pure clone.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            FYI: I added the HTML blockquote tags for the stuff you were trying to quote.

          • mattcgw says:

            @DerGilga yes, I am stating that a modified clone of Setsuna would be easier than a straight clone, because cloning a human is far more viable/run into less complications (as well as Setsuna never really being happy with her Hanyō status) than a hybrid.

            I’m not saying you can miss a chromosome in cloning, I’m saying in the experimental phases of other species cloning they could, because the biology is foreign and unknown.

            For example, when testing new medicine’s it obviously goes through trials. Before testing on humans, hundreds of animals are used and most die or have severe complications from the trial medicine.
            Cloning a foreign species would be quite a bit like the analogy above. At least for a decade or so.

            In conclusion, my stance is cloning mundus species via straight science on a commercial scale, as Astro implies/suggested; I would find to very dubious. However, if magic was involved, then I could believe in its viability. In the UQ Holder setting.

  15. dominic says:

    I think the biggest question is who is his sister

  16. magine says:

    I was longing to see again the mahora festival!, I wonder if they will be in the festival like Negima before the tournament some chapter, Touta remembered me to Negi as he has to go so many places with the others (Mahora Negi 2.0 XD), at the end he was with Evangeline (I had the impression that she was wearing a bikini) I wonder if Evangeline will talk with Touta about the two girls that look like Konoka and Setsuna or the ‘sister’ that attacked him. (Maybe they will go for a ride around Mahora, I would like to see it)
    So, Is the tournament in Mahora like Negima?

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