Kyoukai no RINNE 36 (Now for a business date.)

境界のRINNE ep 36
Kyoukai no RINNE 36

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Kyoukai no RINNE 36Miho and Rika invite Rinne to the Summer Festival, but he turns them down due to his financial status, even though Sakura is going. Sakura pays Rinne a visit, where she finds Tamako paying him a visit. Rinne takes a case from Tamako, so he and Sakura head out, where they find the rumors of “Dancing Men” is true, thanks to mosquito spirits afflicting people. Further, they find the Reidou responsible for releasing these spirits, which is in the form of the pig container for a mosquito coil (kayari buta). Rinne uses the sealing paper provided by Tomako after having a special mosquito draw his blood and place it on the paper. However, it takes too much blood, leaving Rinne weak. Tamako arrives to capture the pig container and claim the reward.

Kyoukai no RINNE 36Tsubasa accompanies Miho, Rika, and Sakura at the Summer Festival, where Miho and Rika have Tsubasa pay for their food. To Rinne’s chagrin, he’s spotted on a date by the group. Rinne is on a case, where a girl thinks she’s cursed since every year, there’s this teddy bear that keeps showing up at the Summer Festival. Rinne discovers that the girl’s grandfather is behind this, having failed to give his granddaughter the bear when she was a child. Rinne decides to end this and win the bear. He ends up having to spend money, but he defeats the old man. The grandfather is surprised that his granddaughter hadn’t wanted the bear, but an expensive purse. After he passes on, the girl is joined by her boyfriend. Miho and Rika take Tsubasa around, while Rinne and Sakura watch fireworks.


I can tell Brain’s Base was trying to cut costs here. Some of the scenes really stood out to me as not being quite up to snuff. Well, I guess that happens if you have episodes that go over budget.

Kyoukai no RINNE 36

The first story was kind of amusing in that mosquitoes are hated all over the globe. So this whole notion of mosquito spirits having that horrible mosquito buzzing noise is something I can understand not liking. That’s especially true at this time of year when mosquitoes are out in force.

Kyoukai no RINNE 36

I’ve often seen those pig kayari buta displayed in anime and manga. I did know that these things were used for insects. However, because I never really researched them, I didn’t know they had a mosquito coil, which is burned to kill mosquitoes. Well, I learn something new every day. 🙂

Kyoukai no RINNE 36

Regarding the second story, Tsubasa returns after a lengthy absence. I had wondered when he might return, so I am glad to see him here.

Kyoukai no RINNE 36

I seem to recall the second story from the manga, unlike the first story. With Rinne on a date for a case, this episode provided a vehicle to bring back Rinne’s insecurity over Sakura. That element has not been present for a while. Further, we got to see a return of Sakura’s stare, made funny by the vocalization of the stare. This time, it went on for quite a long time, making it funny to me.

Kyoukai no RINNE 36

I am glad that at the end of the episode, Rinne and Sakura are together with no misunderstandings.

Kyoukai no RINNE 36

In the end, Kyoukai no RINNE 36 was pretty fun and enjoyable.

Kyoukai no RINNE 36

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6 Responses to “Kyoukai no RINNE 36 (Now for a business date.)”

  1. WMC says:

    Yes! Confirmation for my conjecture about Kayari buta. I first noticed them in “Totoro” and finally deduced their use as insect repellents. What exactly do they burn in them? Availability in the US?

    • ctrn says:

      Well, I don’t know if they are available on USA, but those are mosquito coils, and are made from a mix of sawdust, starch and a venom of the piretrin/piretroid family. These are like a very dry paste turned into a coil. The ones that I use come in a pre-cutted circle forming 2 complementary spirals that you must separate (I’m bad at it and I frequently break the center, as they are fragile). Then you burn the external extreme of the coil and leave it like that in a spiral holder. These things don’t produce flames, but a lot of smoke, so you must put them near a window or door. The next morning you can see the ashes forming the coil in the floor, like cigarettes’ ones

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Mosquito coils can be purchased in the U.S. The Kayari buta would likely have to be ordered. I see one on Amazon now, but whether it would hold an American mosquito coil or not, I couldn’t say. (I’m reading on Amazon that they can.)

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