A Certain Scientific Dirty Pair

A Certain Scientific Dirty Pair

Hey gang! As this article posts, I’m out of town, far, far away, hanging out with some friends from Japan. Hopefully, I’m checking out what’s supposed to be an awesome, new Japanese restaurant. ^_^

As such, I thought I’d do a filler post and share some art I found. This is from an artist who goes by the name raika9. The artist is not only a fan of A Certain Scientific Railgun (and Mikoto-chan as well as Misaki-chan), but he’s also a fan of the classic anime series Dirty Pair.

A Certain Scientific Dirty Pair

Man, is that awesome or what? If you’ve never watched Dirty Pair, it probably won’t mean much to you. (As an aside, I’ve reviewed all of the classic TV episodes, OVAs, movies, and then the DVD sets here.) If you have and you know Misaka and Mikoto from the A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun series, then the images will likely mean more to you.

For me, I just love the idea of Misaki as Yuri. I would never have thought of Mikoto has Rei, mainly because Mikoto is a more attractive character (never thought Rei was hot, but man back in the day, I had a 2D crush on Yuri). But in terms of personality, Mikoto as Rei works. Of course Yuri and Rei got along pretty well as a team, whereas Misaki and Mikoto…not so much. 😉

Also, I love that raika9 got Lovely Angel in the background. Just awesome. ^_^ (And in this image, Mikoto loses her tan.)

A Certain Scientific Dirty Pair

As an aside, I now own several of the Index manga and the three Accelerator manga that have been released in the U.S. (The warnings folks gave me about the Accelerator manga came too late.) Not sure when I’ll get a chance to actually sit, read, and review these manga. Hopefully in the not to distant future.

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  1. Rob C. says:

    Missed this, pretty nice!

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