Izetta: The Last Witch 06 (Half Plot, Half Slice of Life)

Izetta: The Last Witch 06
Shumatsu no Izetta episode 06
Izetta, Die Letzte Hexe 06

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis

Izetta: The Last Witch 06The Germanian spy makes contact with Jonas. Sieg has his own spy go to make contact with Jonas. Izetta is given lessons on proper court behavior, which does not include weeding and doing laundry. A local pie shop has sugar and started selling pies again. Finé, Izetta, Bianca, and Lotte sneak in, though the owners recognize them. An accident causes Finé to be recognized, so she turns the moment into a public moral moment. Captain Basler takes a new job with the Research Division. Major Berkman pays a visit to a top secret installation regarding research on witches.

Izetta: The Last Witch 06Sieg requests a trip to Britannia to rally the Allies. However, after learning that there’s a Germanian spy with Jonas, he agrees to allow Finé and Izetta make the trip. Finé and Izetta are taking to a mountain top, where an anti-tank rifle is prepared for Izetta to fly them out on. With that, Izetta is off, vowing to protect this country. Meanwhile, the Germanian spy fails to get Jonas to talk, so he shoots him in the leg. The spy threatens his sisters, so Jonas is about to talk with Sieg and his spy come up and chase the Germanian spy off. Since Jonas is willing to do whatever to help his country, Sieg shoots him for the greater good.

Thoughts and Review

Well, after a hideously example of bad writing at the end of the previous episode, Izetta: The Last Witch 06 didn’t quite go in the way I expected. That’s a not a bad thing.

Izetta: The Last Witch 06

Time for Slice of Life

Half of this episode was dedicated to that, which surprised me. Well, even in times of war, folks need their downtime. However, I did like the time taken to examine some slice of life for Izetta and company. I think it helps further flesh out their humanity.

Izetta: The Last Witch 06

It amused me that Izetta, safely away from the front, feels the need to do laundry or weed the royal gardens in her free time. Well, it is understandable, considering that she grew up poor and wandering. I can appreciate her need to work. This is why I think I like Izetta so much as a character. She comes off as a genuine, real person.

Izetta: The Last Witch 06

Teaching Izetta etiquette with dance and such was an amusing affair. Well, such is the life of royals, I suppose, to need to have etiquette and protocol. I guess the production team needed some cost cutting stuff after the the first few episodes. It is a shame that all of the dancing lessons were done as pan-and-scan still shots. I loved the classical music used.

Izetta: The Last Witch 06

Finé, Izetta, Bianca, and Lotte taking a covert trip to the pie shop was also amusing and fun. In addition to seeing the girls outside of their normal garb, we get yet another opportunity to see why Finé is a beloved leader of her people. I liked how she took the opportunity of of her being discovered in public to help rally her people.

Izetta: The Last Witch 06

Time for Plot: Spy vs. Spy

After watching Izetta: The Last Witch 06, I begin to wonder if the writers were trolling us with the terrible way they ended the previous episode. I was expecting Jonas to start spilling what he’d learned about Izetta and sure enough, he started doing that. Yet later on, we learn that he actually didn’t cough up the secret to the Germanian spy. I was very happy by that because I expected that this is how Germania would learn how to deal with Izetta.

Izetta: The Last Witch 06

Then later, we have the Germanian spy getting desperate so that he ends up shooting Jonas and threatening his family. Here too, I thought Jonas would give it up, but he gets bailed out when Sieg and the Eylstadt spy come to the rescue and cause the Germanian spy to flee. Had Jonas given up the secret here, it would have made more sense as he would be thinking about protecting his sisters.

Izetta: The Last Witch 06

The real shocker came from Sieg deciding how to handle Jonas. Yet the moment I heard Sieg ask Jonas if he’d be willing to do anything to help Eylstadt, I knew that Sieg was going to shoot Jonas. Jonas is a massive, security risk. So unless Jonas and his family are taken into protective custody, Germania could get to him again. I do NOT approve of Sieg’s solution, but his solution is the one that guarantees no security leaks. It also guarantees Sieg’s own stupidity in loudly blathering Izetta’s secret to the General isn’t uncovered.

Izetta: The Last Witch 06

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

OK, time for a few final bullet point thoughts.

  • Lots of pointless fanservice here, mostly dealing with Izetta’s bust. 🙄
  • Lotte is a scene stealer. Man, if I were rich and have a live in staff, she’d be someone I’d hire. And her dedication and diligence would ensure she was paid well too. So awesome! I hope nothing bad happens to her.
  • I’m bummed that there won’t be a chance for Izetta and Jonas to meet. Well, unless Jonas somehow survived being executed by Sieg, which I doubt.
  • Does anyone know the rifle that Izetta and Finé are going to ride?
  • I take it Izetta and Finé are flying to a ship for their trip to Britannia. By ship, it will still take time to get to their destination. Plus, if the story follows our World War II, there are U-boats to worry about in the Mediterranean.
  • Captain Basler looks to get to pilot a new fighter plane.
  • During Major Berkman’s trip to the classified occult research facility, I half expected dramatic music from Indian Jones to start playing. 😆

Izetta: The Last Witch 06

In the end, Izetta: The Last Witch 06 took a surprising turn, deciding to spend half the time on slice of life and the other half dealing with the spy element in an unexpected way. I mostly enjoyed the episode, but we’ll see where things go from here.

Izetta: The Last Witch 06

Izetta: The Last Witch 06

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2 Responses to “Izetta: The Last Witch 06 (Half Plot, Half Slice of Life)”

  1. sanchi says:

    Need to go find a bakery with cherry pies now. Pastries and eating ramen… when I see that – it hits me really bad, and I start to have a craving for it. It should be more european, as in cheesecake, or german/dobash chocolate cake!

    I think Izetta’s ‘broom’ kinda now looks like a modified British Boyes/Boys MK1 anti-tank rifle – sorta like their Bren heavy machine gun with a similar top loading mag, but with the receiver pushed more towards the back so they could add padded cushions, and extra handles to the sides of the receiver front to steer it.

    The new fighter plane had a streamlined prop, and 4 instead of the usual three propeller fingers, and a small air intake (supercharger intake?) on the bottom of the engine between the wings so it could be the supermarine spitfire or hawker hurricane. I thought it might be the P-51 but its main air intake is further back, and the engine’s exhaust ports on the side of the engine are low like the FW190 instead of being closer to the top of the engine.

    WW2 tech had my interest once – its all coming back. They did a nice drawing of the P08 luger again.

    I hope Jonas wasn’t killed but Sieg had to fake his killing, as a way of saving him, or attempt to show that Jonas died so that his family/relatives would stay safe. But he could have as easily been killed too. Sad….

    This series does show that war has its brutal side, a very few animes present that side.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Speaking of food, whenever I see it in anime or manga, it almost always gets me hungry. Fortunately, I’m not a cherry pie person, so I’m safe there. 😉

      I’m also enjoying seeing the WW2 tech. It helps keep a series with a witch in it grounded in a sense of reality.

      I hope Jonas wasn’t killed but Sieg had to fake his killing, as a way of saving him, or attempt to show that Jonas died so that his family/relatives would stay safe. But he could have as easily been killed too. Sad….

      There’s a tiny chance that could happen, and it would be nice. However, I strongly suspect that Sieg did the deed and Jonas is dead. 🙁

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