Delays, Delays

Delays, Delays

Hey gang! Since I’m currently traveling to and fro, most days, my Internet access is limited at best, and none many times (including cell coverage). 😅 I already knew this would be the case before I hit the road. However, I also knew that there would be some days where I’d have good Internet access, so I had planned to continuing blogging the new Fruits Basket series as well as The Helpful Fox Senko-san.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t counted on this expensive anchor weight of a laptop to give me as much grief as it has. When it gave me problems galore last year, I worked with support to try to resolve things. Sadly, I had to fix certain issues on my own, like getting BlueStacks to play games using the NVIDIA GPU rather than the inbuilt GPU. (Bloody gaming laptops should only use the added video card, not always try to use the GPU on the motherboard where possible.)

Anime Computer

Regardless, while I was not able to get support to resolve other issues (which they blamed on drivers), I thought I had my laptop in a decent working condition. Alas, what I discovered this trip is that it isn’t very workable at all. I can play some games (sometimes), but it still has a lot of issues. And to make matters worse, even doing something as simple as a blog post takes a ton of effort. It took all day trying to get the recent UQ Holder post up, thanks to whatever problems are happening with the laptop.

Basically, I wasted a ton of money last year on this machine. If I have to travel again for an extended period of time, I’m not sure what I will do. I’m loathe to spend another whopping sum on a new “traveling PC” lest it be another lemon.

Regardless, what this means is that it is highly unlikely that I will get any additional blog posts up before June. I might get lucky, but I’m not that hopeful. But on those occasions I have some Internet/cell coverage, I do have access to my Twitter and Facebook sites. And I do try to get to comments on the blog as well.

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