Fate/Grand Order: Christmas 2019 Days 4 Thru 7!

Fate/Grand Order: Christmas 2019 Days 4 Thru 7!

Hey gang! As I’ve stated before, whenever Fate/Grand Order has some sort of game event, it turns into a MASSIVE time sink. The lottery events are the worst as one needs to clear as many lottery boxes as possible in order to get as much in-game currency and elements to level up one’s Servants. As such, it really doesn’t leave me a lot of time for anything else other than work, which takes priority.

With that in mind, today’s entry are copies of the last four live streams I did on YouTube and Twitch. These can be pretty fun, more so when there are more participants. And hopefully, I can entertain others while doing the insanely tedious, farm-and-grind required of the game.

That aside, here are the last four streams. For Day 7 (Sunday, December 22 stream), you can watch me play rather stupidly in the challenge quest. 😂 And if nothing else, you can play these suckers to help you fall asleep. 😉

Thursday, 19-Dec-2019 Stream

Friday, 20-Dec-2019 Stream

Saturday, 21-Dec-2019 Stream


Sunday, 22-Dec-2019 Stream


Note: For those interested, I do have quite a number of videos on YouTube created for the Fate/Grand Order mobile game. I’ve got some other game stuff up as well, including Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I want to add Fate/Extella Link sometime soon. I’m thinking sometime when the new year starts.

That aside, I’m looking to hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube, so click this link to help me reach my goal. 😁  And if you are on Twitch, you can follow me there as well. Thanks to everyone who has already done so. I really do appreciate it!

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