Fate/Grand Order (NA): Foreigner-Class Servant Abby-chan Arrives!

Fate/Grand Order (NA): Foreigner-Class Servant Abby-chan Arrives!

Hey gang! I’ve decided that I want to make more Fate/Grand Order game content. I probably won’t be as cool as other FGO content creators, but that’s okay. šŸ˜œ

That aside, my latest video centers around the Interlude Campaign part 4. I then touch on Abby-chan’s (Abigail Williams) banner. Following that, I look at the Foreigner-class Servant. And finally, I cover Abby-chan’s kit. Toward the end of the video, I decide to try my luck at scoring Abby-chan with some of my Summon Tickets. šŸ˜„



As always, if you play the game, let me know if this was helpful to you. As I said, I plan to do more FGO content and hopefully get better at it all the time. And don’t forget, I will likely stream the event on Twitch or YouTube.

And for those interested, I do have some other videos on YouTube created for the Fate/Grand Order mobile game as well as other gaming videos. Iā€™m looking to hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube, so if you are so inclined, click this link to help me reach my goal. šŸ˜

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