Fate/Grand Order: Valentine’s 2020 Fun

Fate/Grand Order: Valentine’s 2020 Fun

Hey gang! Well, Fate/Grand Order is continuing to demand fealty by having non-stop, time-sucking events back-to-back. 😅 So as usual, a ton of my time is being sucked up doing the events. However, as usual, I am streaming some of my play through the event. So that helps with the tedium of the farm-and-grind. We’ve got a lot of fun folks who come by the streams, and I appreciate them all!

Anyway, I refuse to allow FGO to take ALL my time. So I’m continuing to do two PC game streams a week. And I took today off to try to get some anime watching in. (I still burn off my game energy, but that’s about it.) So without further ado, here are the recent Fate/Grand Order streams I did for the Valentine’s 2020 event.

Event Day 2

Event Day 4

Event Day 6

Haha. I seem to be only streaming on every even day of the event.

That aside, thanks again for everyone who’s come by my streams, whether they be on Twitch or YouTube.

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