Returning to “Fate/Extella Link”

Returning to “Fate/Extella Link”

Hey gang! Things have been NUTS of late. And to be honest, I haven’t been getting enough sleep. So it has been hard for me to be focused enough to do many things, especially writing. Heck, that lack of focus spilled over into my recent Dishonored video (YouTube link here). But since I have a number of people paying me to play games on Twitch, I’ve continued to do that.

Since I recently rage-quit Fate/Grand Order for the second time, I decided to return to Fate/Extella Link to scratch my Fate itch without needing to do that absolute RUBBISH system in FGO. (I’ll do a video at some point on why I quit the game.) And since I was sucking at Dishonored Friday night (when I stream PC games), I decided to come back to continue playing Fate/Extella Link. I had restarted the game on a previous stream and was back at the start of Day 2 in the game.

So without further ado, here’s my recent fun in the game.


I’m still not used to a controller when it comes to playing games. However, it seemed like an Xbox controller would be better for this arcade-style kind of game. And indeed, I think that’s true. But it will take time for this old fart to get used to a lot of it, including NOT pressing the left trigger and activating a Noble Phantasm by accident. 😅


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