Progress Report 05 – Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Progress Report 05 – Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Hey gang. I took some time off work to take care of a ton of things that had been piling up around the house as well as in my personal life. But I’m still playing Princess Connect! Re:Dive and thought I’d put out a progress report video, howbeit somewhat delayed.



I still haven’t taken time to make a review video. I will sometime…I hope. 😅

Princess Connect! Re:Dive

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2 Responses to “Progress Report 05 – Princess Connect! Re:Dive”

  1. Gourry says:

    Rooster is sure looking quite great now.

    Plus, I’m jealous with your gacha luck, you even got one more (total) character than me! 😉

    Never even thought about the story part in the profile. My guess it’s how many stories you have watched in game, like bond stores, normal story, event story etc.

    Looking forward to the next Report when it comes, what you thought about the Clan Battle this time.

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