Crunchyroll Letting BDs and DVDs Go Out Of Print?

Crunchyroll Letting BDs and DVDs Go Out Of Print?

A month ago or so, I made a video about the 30th anniversary blu-ray release of Yu Yu Hakusho from Crunchyroll suddenly becoming unavailable. I did get my copy (disc review, and “Back to the Vaults” story reviews coming later), but I hear that some folks didn’t. Why? Because Crunchyroll is leaving a lot of money on the table and not pressing enough copies.

Then Robert’s Anime Corner made a blog post, speculating that Crunchyroll may let a lot of the old FUNimation DVDs and BDs go out of print. As such, I made a video on the topic.



I know that today, physical media is snubbed by a lot of anime fans. And this trend extends beyond anime. But I really think this is a massive mistake. I have nothing against streaming or digital copies of a product. However, this form of media is “here today, gone tomorrow.” As such, one day you might fancy watching your favorite anime, only to discover that it is no longer available. But when you own the physical copy of said anime, you can still watch it.

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