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Azur Lane 10

Azur Lane 10 (Going on Hiatus!) #azurlane_anime

Azur Lane 10 アズールレーン episode 10 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Enterprise has a dream about the mystery ship-girl again when Belfast wakens her. Prince of Wales and Cleveland check in on the investigation of the Black Mental Cube. Meanwhile, Laffey, Javelin, Unicorn, and Ayanami are in a sauna. Ayanami gains her friend’s support when she says she

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Azur Lane 09

Azur Lane 09 (Sleeping With the Enemy) #azurlane_anime

Azur Lane 09 アズールレーン episode 09 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Ayanami wakes on the Azur Lane base. The Royal carrier Ark Royal lets her know that she’s officially a prisoner of war. Meanwhile, Javelin and Laffey are brought up for discipline for their actions in combat. They are assigned to Ayanami as “punishment”. Afterward, Hornet, Prince of

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Azur Lane 08

Azur Lane 08 (Battle Aftermath) #azurlane_anime

Azur Lane 08 アズールレーン episode 08 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Edinburgh tends to weary Royal ship-girls while Queen Elizabeth holds court with Prince of Wales, Warespite, Hood, and London discuss the recent fight and its affect on Earth. Their Union allies also discuss the change in climate and spacial rips from whatever the Sirens and Enterprise did.

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Azur Lane 07

Azur Lane 07 (The Unexpected!) #azurlane_anime

Azur Lane 07 アズールレーン episode 07 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Azur Lane sends a massive, combined fleet of Eagle Union and Royal Navy ships to meet a large Sakura fleet. Some of the Sakura ship-girls have concerns about the upcoming fight since they don’t understand Akagi’s reasons for forcing the issue. Meanwhile, the ships of the Royal

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No Azur Lane Anime This Week–Should I Play The Game?

No Azur Lane Anime This Week–Should I Play The Game? Hey gang! I have to say, the Azur Lane anime series has really impressed me so far. Granted, I went in with very low expectations. However, the story has been quite interesting so far. I’m liking the parallels to World War II ships in terms

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Azur Lane 06

Azur Lane 06 (Character Journeys) #azurlane_anime

Azur Lane 06 アズールレーン episode 06 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Union carrier Enterprise is awakened by Royal light cruiser Belfast. Enterprise decides to eat in the mess hall. Union battleship Nevada piles Enterprise’s plate full of bacon for helping her sister battleship, Oklahoma. Belfast joins Enterprise for breakfast, which pleases Union repair ship Vestal. After breakfast, Enterprise

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Azur Lane 05

Azur Lane 05 (Rescue Mission) #azurlane_anime

Azur Lane 05 アズールレーン episode 05 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Royal light cruisers Sheffield and Edinburgh along with Sakura repair ship Akashi are trapped on a ruined city that is also a series of islands. The Sakura have numerous ships and Siren-tech ships surrounding the islands. They are also using planes to scout for the Royal ship-girls.

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Azur Lane 04

Azur Lane 04 (The Plot Unfolds!) #azurlane_anime

Azur Lane 04 アズールレーン episode 04 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis At a Sakura Empire base, heavy cruisers Kako and Furutaka, and carriers Souryuu and Hiryuua greet arriving carriers Akagi and Kaga as well as the destroyer Ayanami. Iron blood heavy cruiser Prince Eugen and destroyer Z23 also arrive, but are left alone. Souryuu and Hiryuua then go

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