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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, 2010!

Happy Halloween! Save me some candy corn and a Three Musketeers, will ya? ^_~  Funnily enough, that’s about the only candy I actually like. Speaking of liking, I do like this image. I’ve got tags on it for “Sae” and “revirth”, but I don’t know if that’s an artist, character, or both. ^_^;;; Anyway, have

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Gakuen Alice Halloween

Happy Halloween 2009 (Manga Style)

Happy Halloween 2009 (Manga Style) Here are a couple of Halloween images from manga — Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and Gakuen Alice. While I was hoping to have found more (and I did find a ton of Halloween-themed images), I didn’t find what I wanted. Oh well. Anyway, I hope you guys had a fun Halloween,

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