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Burger King Japan Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger

Burger King Japan Celebrates “Good Meat Day”

Burger King Japan Celebrates “Good Meat Day” Did you know that there’s a “Good Meat Day” in Japan? I certainly didn’t. However, November 29 is “Good Meat Day”. Why? Well, November 29 in numbers is 11 29. As I understand it, the 11 looks similar to the katakana イイ (いい in the hiragana and ii

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Japan's Lotteria Tsukumen Ramen Burger

Japan’s Lotteria Tsukumen Ramen Burger

Japan’s Lotteria Tsukumen Ramen Burger I like ramen, whether used as a noodle side dish, or as a soup. (Tonkotsu ramen is probably my favorite.) I absolutely love cheeseburgers and could live off of them. The idea of a dipping ramen burger though just doesn’t sound that great to me. Still, in Japan, the Lotteria

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KFC Japan’s New Menu Item Today

KFC in America may have its Double Down, breadless sandwich (two fried or grilled breast fillets with bacon, two different kinds of melted cheese, and the Colonel’s secret sauce…whatever that is), and that came to Japan as well.  However, as the Japanese are wont to do, it is time to create another breadless chicken sandwich

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Burger King Japan Bacon Promo

Burger King Japan Has a Bacon Promo for the Whopper!

Why is is that American burger joints in Japan have THE coolest things?  Burger King in Japan is known for their awesome promos, such ash when Windows 7 launched and the “Meat Monster” sandwich.  Now, they are doing a bacon promo (’cause everything goes better and burps better with bacon) — get 15 strips of

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Burger King Japan Has "Meat Monster" Sandwich!

Burger King Japan Has “Meat Monster” Sandwich!

Burger King Japan Has “Meat Monster” Sandwich! Leave it to the Japanese to have something awesomely cool like the Meat Monster (remember the Windows 7 Burger?). Basically, this is a Double Whopper with Cheese combined with a Grilled Chicken Sandwich and topped with bacon and other goodies.  I’m told that in Japan, you can get

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Pizza Hut Loves Anime (at least, in Japan)

A couple of days ago, I showed how the Japanese had some fun with a Pizza Hut promotional image for Angel Beats! So, I thought I’d share a few more anime promotional images from Pizza Hut that I’ve picked up in my travels. First up is one of my favorite anime titles, Kannagi. Yep, pizza

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Minami-ke’s Cheese Lemon Custard Chiffon Pie — You Know You Want It and I Have What You Need!

Ever since Minami-ke 09 and then followed up with Minami-ke Okaeri 04, I’ve been wanting to make a Cheese Lemon Custard Chiffon Pie. It took FOREVER to find one, but I have done so and with Miwa-sensei’s help, I am providing the recipe in English. Note: The Japanese are on some strange measuring system known

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Tatsuro Sushi

Tatsuro Sushi Restaurant (Website)

Tatsuro Sushi Restaurant I’m not sure what started it, but to have something interesting appear on one of our monitors at work at night, we were looking for work-safe webcams. Thanks to my influence on the others with my Japanese studies, our search came to an end when we found Tatsuro Sushi’s (たつ郎寿司) webcam from

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