Burger King Japan Celebrates “Good Meat Day”

Burger King Japan Celebrates “Good Meat Day”

Did you know that there’s a “Good Meat Day” in Japan? I certainly didn’t. However, November 29 is “Good Meat Day”. Why? Well, November 29 in numbers is 11 29. As I understand it, the 11 looks similar to the katakana イイ (いい in the hiragana and ii in the romaji). The “ii” means “good”. The number 2 in Japanese is “ni” (with a different kanji) and 9 is “ku”. So when you put “ni” and “ku” together, you get “niku” — meat. Haha! The Japanese and their whacky puns.

Enter Burger King Japan

To celebrate this, Burger King Japan is selling a limited time Chou (Super) One Pound Beef Cheeseburger. 😲

Burger King Japan Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger Good Meat DayThis puppy comes with the obvious, four, quarter-pound patties. They are putting cheddar cheese slices on this bad boy as well as an “over flowing, super-rich cheese sauce” and onions.  And if it is too big for you to handle, the staff will generously cut it in half for you. Well, that’s one way to help hold a monster burger like this.

Burger King Japan Super One Pound Beef CheeseburgerIn order to score one of these in Japan, you have to wait until 2pm, starting on November 19. It sounds as if they will only make a limited number a day, and you cannot call to reserve some. I didn’t know this was a thing until I read a volume of My Monster Secret Vol. 4. I guess this is a way for BK Japan to tap into that “I might miss out on something exclusive” market. 😅

If you buy this burger, they’ll also give you this lovely sticker too.

Burger King Japan Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger

Man, now I’m hungry for this sucker!

h/t: livedoor News

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