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A Bride's Story Volume 2

A Bride’s Story Volume 2 Manga Review

乙嫁語り/Otoyome-Gatari  A Bride’s Story Volume 02 –> PURCHASE FROM BUY.COM –> PURCHASE FROM BARNES & NOBLE –> PURCHASE FROM RIGHTSTUF! ^_^ SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Amir befriends a single, outspoken, young woman named Pariya at the bread baking ovens and learns to craft beautiful flat breads as a result. Pariya has yet to be married off due

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A Bride's Story 1

A Bride’s Story Volume 1 Manga Review

乙嫁語り/Otoyome-Gatari A Bride’s Story Volume 01 –> BUY FROM RIGHTSTUF! ^_^ –> PURCHASE FROM RAKUTEN.COM (formerly BUY.COM) –> PURCHASE FROM BARNES & NOBLE SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Twenty year old Amir is sent by her family to marry Karluk Eihon, a twelve year old boy and youngest male in his family.  As such, she now joins the

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