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RIN-NE Manga Volume 02

RIN-NE Manga Volume 02 Review

境界のRINNE/Kyōkai no RINNE RIN-NE Manga Volume 2 Review –> PURCHASE FROM RAKUTEN.COM (formerly BUY.COM) –> PURCHASE FROM BARNES & NOBLE –> PURCHASE FROM RIGHTSTUF! Having both enjoyed volume 1 of RIN-NE and wanting to know the resolution to the final story arc in that volume, I went ahead and picked up volume 2 of the

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RIN-NE Manga Volume 01

RIN-NE Manga Volume 01 Review

境界のRINNE/Kyōkai no RINNE RIN-NE Manga Volume 01 Review –> PURCHASE FROM RAKUTEN.COM (formerly BUY.COM) –> PURCHASE FROM BARNES & NOBLE –> PURCHASE FROM RIGHTSTUF! I’ve read only two of Takahashi-sensei’s manga titles completely through — Maison Ikkoku and Inuyasha. I’ve read parts of Ranma 1/2 and I’ve never read any of Urusei Yatsura nor any

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"It’s a Rumic World" — Where Inuyasha meets male-Ranma and Ataru hits on Kagome and female-Ranma!

I’m sure most of you have heard about the exhibition going around Japan with three new OVA’s — one for Inuyasha, one for Urusei Yatsura, and one for Ranma 1/2. While no one knows if these will come to DVD or not, I only recently learned of a low-res copy of the opening sequence being

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Maison Ikkoku 2007 Special

Maison Ikkoku 2007 Special (Live Action)

めぞん一刻 2007 Live Action Dorama Maison Ikkoku 2007 Special SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: It is 2007 and GODAI Yusaku takes his daughter Haruka to a park. While there, he tells her a story of how he met her mother and how different he was back then. Back in 1983, Yusaku is a rounin trying to get into

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A Return to Urusei Yatsura

On May 4, 2005, I watched episode 82 of Urusei Yatsura. While I have planned to return to finish that series ever since I started this blog, I have never done so for whatever reasons. I guess the first 21 episodes are not what I consider to be good anime with Ataru being such an

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Inuyasha Manga Volume 56 (finale)

犬夜叉 Volume 56 Inuyasha Volume 56 SPOILER Summary: Chapter 549 has Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and Sesshoumaru continue to destroy the giant Naraku body from within and the Shikon no Tama has its light return. Chapter 550 has Naraku consume the jewel as the group continues to attack. Naraku prevents Kagome from shooting her arrows

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Inuyasha Volume 55 *SPOILERS*

犬夜叉 Volume 55 Chapter 539: Inuyasha shakes off Magatsuhi influence and rescues Kagome. However, Magatsuhi transfers a bit of himself into Kagome to prevent Sesshoumaru from killing him without destroying both Inuyasha’s and Kagome’s body. However, as Inuyasha tries to get away from Kagome, Tessaiga flies up to him and turns into Dragon-Scaled form. This

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Inuyasha Volume 54 *SPOILERS*

犬夜叉 Volume 54 Chapter 529: Jaken is in a panic over Rin’s abduction when Sesshoumaru arrives. Upon learning the situation, he immediately takes off, realizing that Naraku’s goal is to seal his sword. Back with Inuyasha and company, they are mourning the apparent death of Kohaku. Kagome can see the completed, black Shikon no Tama

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