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Maison Ikkoku

Happy Valentine’s Day, “Maison Ikkoku” Style ^_^

Happy Valentine’s Day, “Maison Ikkoku” Style ^_^ For those of you with significant others, I hope you didn’t forget that today is Valentine’s Day.  ^_~  In the spirit of the day, here’s one of my favorite, romantic images from Takahashi-sensei’s best manga work, Maison Ikkoku, featuring Godai embracing the lovely Kyoko-san. I really wish Viz

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Maison Ikkoku 2007 Special

Maison Ikkoku 2007 Special (Live Action)

めぞん一刻 2007 Live Action Dorama Maison Ikkoku 2007 Special SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: It is 2007 and GODAI Yusaku takes his daughter Haruka to a park. While there, he tells her a story of how he met her mother and how different he was back then. Back in 1983, Yusaku is a rounin trying to get into

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