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Trigun Stampede 03

Trigun Stampede 03 (Vash the Impotent! #Trigun)

Trigun Stampede 03 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis With more lost tech mini-cube droids attaching themselves to townspeople, Roberto identifies the culprit as Ethan Gilbert Hamilton, a notorious bomber with the nickname Easy (E.G.) Bomber. Vash spots him in an elevated location and shoots.  The cyborg flees and goes after the town’s good Plant. Vash gives chase, but

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Trigun Stampede 02

Trigun Stampede 02 (Nebraska Mayhem! #Trigun)

Trigun Stampede 02 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Meryl questions Vash at the Jeneora Rock saloon. Roberto finds the notion of Vash having an evil twin named Millions Knives to be somewhat convenient. The town, lead by pregnant tavern owner, Rosa, decide to turn on Vash to get the reward so they can buy a replacement plant. Vash

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Trigun Stampede 01

Trigun Stampede 01 (And Now For Something Completely Different #Trigun)

Trigun Stampede 01 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis A fleet of colony ships on approach to a planet start exploding. A woman named Rem takes two young boys, Vash and Nai, and gets them to an escape pod. Many years later, a young female reporter named Meryl Stryfe and her middle-aged senpai named Roberto are driving across the

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