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Trigun Stampede 12

Trigun Stampede 12 (The End…For Now #Trigun)

Trigun Stampede 12 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Knives attempts to impregnate all Plants around the planet by making contact with the Core. Outside July, Zazie and worm insects flee, encountering Wolfwood, who’s observing the tentacles flooding the city. Inside, Meryl screams through the glass to the inert Vash, even futilely shooting her pistol at the glass. Within

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Trigun Stampede 11

Trigun Stampede 11 (Memory Flush #Trigun)

Trigun Stampede 11 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Meryl confronts Wolfwood for abandoning Vash. Knives enters a multi-story tank with other Plants and connects to Vash to remake him. Meryl confronts Dr. Conrad, who’s supervising this. Meanwhile, within Vash’s mind, Knives starts destroying Vash’s memories of precious things, including Meryl and Roberto. As he does so, the connections

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Trigun Stampede 10

Trigun Stampede 10 (Endgame #Trigun)

Trigun Stampede 10 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Vash and Wolfwood ride furiously to July (JuLai), which is very modern compared to other settlements. Inside the July Red Plant chamber, Zazie continues to talk with Roberto and Meryl on whom the worms should choose — Plants or humans. However, Dr. Conner escorts them away, informing them that Luida’s

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Trigun Stampede 09

Trigun Stampede 09 (No Man’s Land #Trigun)

Trigun Stampede 09 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis In the past, Knives witnesses all of the Plants in a Plant room die as the human survivors overtasked them. Vash arrives, and Knives slaughters several of the humans and vows to replace the humans on the planet with Plants. Luida shows up, so Knives starts strangling her. In anger,

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Trigun Stampede 08

Trigun Stampede 08 (Backstory #Trigun)

Trigun Stampede 08 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis In the past, on Ship 5, Rem watches a video of Vash and Nai’s first birthday. Later, after Nai causes the fleet to crash, he reminds Vash that without Vash’s codes, Nai couldn’t have sabotaged anything. Vash flees and is found by folks from Ship 3, who managed not to

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Trigun Stampede 07

Trigun Stampede 07 (Not of this World! #Trigun)

Trigun Stampede 07 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Wolfwood sends Vash to deal with the invading Bad Lads raiders while he tries to stop Livio. Vash runs into Meryl and Roberto, who’d been forced to take pictures of the raider’s actions. Meanwhile, Wolfwood tries to reach out to his childhood friend, who’s only thought is to catch up

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Trigun Stampede 06

Trigun Stampede 06 (Religious Order #Trigun)

Trigun Stampede 06 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Roberto decides to take Vash and Wolfwood as far as a Sand Steamer port. Meryl is unhappy with this decision. Meanwhile, Vash wonders why Wolfwood is clearly following him. As they talk, a cybernetic man attacks. Wolfwood recognizes the man as Livio, a childhood friend who was like a younger

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Trigun Stampede 05

Trigun Stampede 05 (Failed Promises #Trigun)

Trigun Stampede 05 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Meryl, Roberto, Vash, and Wolfwood drive across the desert. Roberto explains that the sand is red due to a monster slaughtering people. Vash seems affected by the story. Meryl sees a medium, dead worm and swerves to miss it. Wolfwood notes that it has been dead for ages. Vash notices

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