xxxHOLiC Vol 11 (Ch 122) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to eXeXeX HOLIC for the scans.

Chapter 122

Himawari-chan is eating the cake that Watanuki made and finds it delicious. Watanuki is happy that they are spending time together without Doumeki-kun and she assures him that their eating of a cake is a secret between the two of them. It seems that Doumeki-kun was called away, which of course pleases Watanuki.

The little bird born for Himawari-chan chirps on her shoulder and she wonders if the bird wants some cake. Watanuki states that the bird doesn’t need to be fed, but giving it some cake should be OK. The bird eats some and chirps happily.

As Himawari-chan thanks Watanuki for the cake, she asks him to name the bird for her. She wants him to name the bird since he gave her the bird. The bird gives a look of anticipation over receiving a name from Watanuki and he decides on Tanpopo (Japanese for dandelion) because the bird is yellow. Doumeki arrives and doesn’t seem too impressed with Watanuki’s reasoning for naming the bird Tanpopo but decides the name is cute. Himawari-chan is happy with the name because Tanpopo is a flower and Himawari is a flower (specifically, sunflower). The bird and Himawari-chan are happy as the name.

Back at the shop, Yuuko-san is looking at another egg like the one Yuuko-san gave to Watanuki. The egg originally came from Sakura-chan (Tsubasa) but she only sent one but Yuuko-san received two eggs. Yuuko-san, via black-Mokona, is observing something that happened with the Tsubasa crew. The world that Sakura-chan and the others are currently on has no magic, yet the egg she gave Watanuki was magic in origin. The second egg has no such power. Apparently, it is the same as their being two Syaoran-kun’s in the Tsubasa manga.

Mokona wonders if it is “that person’s” fault, and Yuuko-san confirms it. Mokona reports that the other Mokona was crying a lot as were the others traveling with white-Mokona. Yuuko-san notes that even if tears weren’t shed, there was still crying going on. Black-Mokona wants to be with the other Mokona but Yuuko-san reminds Mokona that it is needed here. Black-Mokona loves its twin and wants to comfort it because it loves it and doesn’t want White-Mokona to cry any more.

Yuuko-san comforts Black-Mokona as she reflects on the person who’s changing the paths of others (specifically, the group in the Tsubasa manga) and collecting souls (the creatures seen in volume 5 of xxxHOLiC). This person who’s doing all this and willing to destroy anything in his path to get his wish is the villain of Tsubasa — Fei Wang Reed. Yuuko-san reveals that she knows the world Fei Wang Reed is residing.


Wow! Just wow!

OK, if I hadn’t have been reading Tsubasa, I might be cursing CLAMP for making me go out and buy the 12 volumes currently released in the U.S. at this point by Del Rey. *lol* However, I’m already reading the manga and so for me, this is the chapter that made me say, “Smeg! I’ve got to cheat and read ahead for Tsubasa now.” *lol* So you can expect those reviews to start coming eventually.

Still, something big happened in Tsubasa and this is where that story is finally having some sense of impact on xxxHOLiC rather than the other way around. I really want to know what the egg Sakura-chan was sent as payment for.

The naming of the bird was kinda light and fluffy, but nice just the same. I loved when Tanpopo had that look of anticipation over being named. ^_^

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