Back To The Vaults 03 – Azumanga Daioh (part 2)

Back to the Vaults – Azumanga Daioh (part 2)

Azumanga DaiohHaving been very sick lately, I watched the rest of Azumanga Daioh in bed. Considering the severe nature of the coughing spells I had, this wasn’t the best choice seeing as how there were times when I couldn’t help but laugh despite feeling like crud and having a very sore abdomen from all of the coughing I’ve done. But one thing that told me was just how good I find this anime, enough to move it up the charts to my #2 favorite anime.

As I mentioned before, I dislike the fact that ADV refuses to use honorifics in the subtitles save for “chan” because Miss Kagura-santhe honorifics are an important element in the anime (something ADV recognizes in that they rarely ignored an honorific). But I will give ADV props for otherwise good translations. I also give ADV props for having some translator notes as inserts with the boxed set. I love translator notes and appreciate this aspect. I hear that the expense of this is why we don’t get more, so why not have translator notes as extras on the DVD. You can use images from the scenes to go along with the text to explain things. To me, that wouldn’t seem to be very expensive.

Azumanga DaiohBack to the anime itself, one of the amazing things is how much of a character-oriented title this is. While there is comedy based on Japanese culture, there is much comedy to be had from the characters themselves. I knew this show was going to be a good one when Yukari-sensei was introduced and went off on her broken bike since she was already late. Then when one of her male students come to her aid and she steals his bike to make it to work on time, I laughed and thought, “This is absolutely nuts!” I’d never want Yukari-sensei as my teacher, but as a fictional character, she’s such a hoot.

Azumanga DaiohOf course the rest of the cast is great too with some stellar seiyuu work done. Having seen so many anime titles since I first watch Azumanga Daioh, it was fun when I knew some seiyuu from their other roles. The chemistry between the seiyuu playing the girls is just amazing. I think this title, more than most, really captures the feelings of friendship the characters have while allowing themselves to have fun going over the top.

I think about Osaka and the “brilliant stupidity” she has and laugh. I think of Tomo-chan’s insane hyperness snapshot20070320202356(combined with her early attempts to be like Fujiko-chan from Lupin III) and I laugh. I think of Chiyo-chan’s cuteness and I smile. I think of Sakaki-san’s love for animals and I smile. I think of Kagura’s competitive nature and chuckle. I think of Yomi’s tolerance of Tomo and laugh. I think of Nyamo’s tolerance of Yukari and I laugh. And on and on.

Basically, this is a great anime that’s funny, sweet, touching, outrageous, and just plain nuts at times. That’s why despite my dislike of ADV’s non-use of honorifics, it is in my DVD collection.


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