Inuyasha Vol 47 (Ch 463-465) *SPOILERS*

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Chapter 463

Kagome sees that Naraku’s nearly completed Shikon no Tama is within Kikyou. It is corrupted and obviously has been hidden there by Naraku. Kikyou’s Shinidamachuu arrive with souls to fuel her. Kagome readies her bow and wonders if Kikyou wants Kagome to shoot her now. Naraku sees this and attempts to interfere, but the Shinidamachuu hold her up. Naraku then goes for the Shikon no Tama and Kagome fires her arrow while the Shinidamachuu come with souls. The result has Kikyou purifying the gem. In addition, using her powers and the Shinidamachuu, she repels Naraku’s attempt to take the gem and launches Kagome’s arrow (which is embedded in the Shikon no Tama) back at Naraku.

Naraku fights the effects and indeed, corruption appears within the gem. As Naraku starts to gloat, Kikyou’s powers start breaking Naraku apart. This allows Inuyasha to free Kouga from being consumed but not before Naraku grabs his two shards. Kagome sees within the gem that the power of Naraku and Kikyou are fighting for control.

Chapter 464

Kikyou tells Kagome the rest is up to her as Kagome notes that Naraku’s jyaki is spreading within the Shikon no Tama. Kikyou tells Kagome that the final shard within Kohaku is their last hope and that it is something only Kagome can do. Kagome begins to realize that Kikyou is dying and Naraku attempts to finish her off. Kagome gets on top of Kikyou to protect her and Inuyasha comes in to deflect Naraku’s attack. Naraku is triumphant and gloats about the remaining shard, asking Inuyasha how he’s going to fight without Kikyou. Naraku vanishes and Kikyou tells Kagome that the bow from Mount Azusa is now hers.

Elsewhere, Rin cautions Kohaku that he shouldn’t be moving since he’s still recovering from the poison of the snakes. Kohaku senses that Kikyou has become very weak and wants to return to her, but Rin warns about the dangers. Jaken states that Sesshoumaru-sama won’t allow Kohaku to stay and that Jaken will not allow Kohaku to trouble Sesshoumaru-sama. Rin reluctantly agrees with Jaken’s statement, but Sesshoumaru notes a scent in the wind and off hand says that it is too late.

Back at the village near the well, Kaede notes the color of the sunset while elsewhere Inuyasha holds the body of Kikyou. Kagome can’t believe she was unable to save Kikyou and Inuyasha asks for some time alone with Kikyou. As Kagome cries, Kikyou wishes Kagome not to cry as her soul has been saved.

Chapter 465

Night has fallen and Sango, Miroku, Kagome, Shippou-chan, and Kouga site on the side of a hill. Miroku regrets not having taken out Naraku with the Kazaana due to his fear of death. He remembers Kikyou’s sacrifice of her own life force to heal him. Sango feels that Kikyou saved Miroku for her sake since Kikyou had Kohaku. She quietly reflects on how she had hated Kikyou for using Kohaku, but realizes that Kikyou would fight to protect Kohaku.

Kouga quietly reflects on how his Shikon shards are gone but he’s still alive. Kagome is depressed that she was unable to save Kikyou. She tells Kouga that it she’d only gotten there sooner or only had more power, things would be different. Kouga tells Kagome that it appeared that Naraku didn’t want Inuyasha and Kikyou to see each other, but Inuyasha did make it in time. As such, Kikyou will not die in arms of one she hates.

Inuyasha holds the dying Kikyou who talks of their past before they were split apart by Naraku. Kikyou was going to give up being a miko and become a normal woman and Inuyasha was going to be transformed into a human to live with her. Kikyou reflects that she’s now become a normal human woman and Inuyasha tells her that she was the first woman he ever loved. He cries as he tells her he wasn’t able to save her. Kikyou observes that this is the first time she’s seen him cry and tells him that it was good enough that he came for her. They kiss and her body dissolves into light with all of the souls now free. Shinidamachuu arrive to gather the souls and the group notes the light and warmth before the Shinidamachuu leave the area, leaving Inuyasha to say that Kikyou won’t suffer any more and Kagome to recall that he’d said he’d always protect her.


Well, there were two very important events that happened. First, Kouga loses his shards. Eventually that had to happen, but for it to happen now surprised me. Second, Kikyou’s death. At this point, I really think Takahashi-sensei is deconstructing things to push for the ending of the manga. Granted, Kikyou was brought back once and could be done so again, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen. So I predict that the manga will end by the end of 2007.

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